More Stop Signs Possible for Highland Park

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  • Avid Reader

    Who do we talk to about the giant traffic/planning mistake that is the mockingbird tollway intersection. Where to even begin; going west on Mockingbird there are two lanes and the right lane is theoretically set up to have an easy right on red/yield turning section that you can’t even reach because the red light line is well before you could even make the turn. Then on the Mockingbird exit going south on the tollway, they seem to have made the license viewer columns too close to fit the two lanes so everyone gets jumbled up into one lane that never lets traffic clear correctly. Ramble Ramble Ramble, how does that not get oversight.

  • M

    maybe the 2 ridiculous proposals around the village will have an upside–encourage more walking. there will be huge back-ups at Armstrong and Southern if there is a 4 way stop there. the crossing guard there already waives traffic through occasionally.

  • Turning Problems

    Don’t get me started on how irritated I get at that right turn lane at Mockingbird and the Tollway. If the first car could just scoot up a little…..

  • Sam Tamborello

    I jog regularly in HP and it appears some folks do not know what a “STOP” sign means. Please folks….when you approach a “stop” sign, it does not mean to roll through or speed through….it means to stop your vehicle.

    Please be respectful to folks crossing with their kids, families, walkers, joggers, etc. Maybe in some areas of HP, speed humps would slow down some of the speed racers that live in the town.

    Please get off your cell phones and pay attention to your driving, and, please stop texting and looking at your cell phone as if it is more important than someone’s life. It can wait, don’t you think?

    Have a safe day.

  • Neal

    If you like HP traffic now, you’ll love it even more when the City of Dallas starts permanently “experimenting” with bike lanes on Knox Street — just in time for the 18 month construction s*** show known as the Trader Joe’s mixed use project at Knox and Cole.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Dear Chief Vinson,

    At approximately 9:15 a.m., I witnessed a HP town owned truck “tow stopping” at the corner of Elton & Beverly Dr. driving West bound, Texas License #111-2110.

    As you are aware, this is the second time within a short time frame I’ve brought violations of town law to your attention involving HP employees.

    Stop signs are placed for a reason, they mean to “stop.” It would seem to me that that if a town employee does not want to obey traffic laws, as well as any other driver, then maybe a ticket needs to be issued.