Morning News Endorses Its Own Lawyer

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  • Observer

    The editors also fail to disclose how Meyer’s “practical approach to governing,” which makes him their choice, includes “absolutely, positively” having the government keep the deceased Mrs. Munoz on machines. At least the other two Republicans seemed conflicted:

  • PCReader

    Reading just the title seems to lead me to the wrong conclusion. I don’t believe Meyer worked directly for the DMN did he? Wasn’t he simply part of a legal team hired to defend the company? Has he done anything for them since this case in 2011? How many other law firms have they had represent them since 2011? All that being said I agree disclosing it would have made sense. By the way, given the many political ads I see on this website, how much has each campaign spent on advertising with the Park Cities People paper? It seems like that might be worth disclosing as far as potential conflicts of interest go as well.

  • Jeff Strater

    It’s a little concerning. I think they should have disclosed the paper has a business relationship with the candidate it recommended. This should be the case if Mr. Meyers directly worked on the case or filed it.

  • Avid Reader

    Whether he worked directly or part of the legal team, he was their lawyer and that was a slippery move by the DMN. PC People can sell ads to whoever they want and not disclose anything. If they make an endorsement, then disclose.