Observer Questions Motives of Park Cities Residents

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  • peter griffin

    for pete’s sake, it couldn’t get any worse.
    plenty of park citizens send their kids to DISD
    magnets, so why not try to have a say in how
    it is run?

  • Squishy

    What it all boils down to is that it is in all our best interests for DISD to be turning out productive and educated citizens. We can all say it’s not our problem, but eventually it will be. A lot of people are fed up with the direction DISD has been heading. I think it’s great that the two magnet schools are tops but we need all of the schools to be of a good caliber. It is no easy feat to deal with some of the populations and parents that are within a large district with many different priorities. Stressing education and having the know how to put a measurable plan into place is not for the faint of heart. I commend Mike Morath for taking on a thankless job as someone who has already achieved his own success in the corporate world and is now trying to make a difference in his city. (I am in no way negating that all school board members do this. It is just that much more remarkable that he has committed to take TEN years to do all he can for DISD). Anyway, we all want to see DISD do well, not just those who live within its boundaries.

  • clare

    LOL at you calling another reporter a muckraker.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • Carol

    Much of the impulse to jump in and help comes from the belief, frankly, that it just can’t be that hard. DISD takes huge sums of money to educate kids with sub-dismal results. Some of their administrative decisions would be comical if not so sad. Lots of us watching feel like, with a little effort and elbow grease, we could have em ship shape in no time. First step: break the monstrosity into sub-districts of manageable size. The kids are too important to be left to the current culture of failure…

  • Squishy

    I agree, Carol.