Park Cities People Described as ‘Fan Magazine’

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  • Uppercase Matt

    Let’s see the current PCP front page headlines:

    Mugging mastermind gets 40 years. Yep, that’s news. Definitely not a parkie vanity piece.

    Then there’s
    Disco balls and dancing machines (UP Elementary PTA party)
    Weekly readers aid kids’ literacy (Parkies volunteer at poor schools)
    Doughnut business makes trivia tasty (UP donut shop sales gimmick)
    Jesters steal spotlight, hearts (Parkies do a church play)

    Nothing wrong with embracing your fan magazine identity.

  • Disagree

    January 1938, maybe? The PC News hardly seems likely to win prizes anymore. Your paper is named PEOPLE. We see or read about our neighbors. Are we “fans” of local school kids? Papercity is the one with pictures of the rich and famous.

  • @Disagree: Oops. I transposed the 3 and the 8. My lexdysia must be acting up.

  • Neal

    If you think stories such as “Local Kids Think Mom is Best Ever” or “Cub Scouts Build Treehouse” are appropriate above-the-fold front page blockbusters, then the Park Cities News is the paper for you. Anything more hard-hitting would be too distressing for the assisted living residents and fragile shut-ins who comprise its readership.