Preston Center Developers Want Life of Luxury

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  • Overcrowded Schools

    The Highland House is located within Highland Park ISD and will be 210-220 units. While Crosland is not marketing to families, I can definitely see families and single parents living there to be in the school district…or for the prices to drop allowing families to live there.

    “This is built for people in these neighborhoods. It gives them a place to downsize and still have all the amenities they’re used to.” When people downsize from HP/UP homes to the Highland House, their houses will be available for more kids, but maybe that would happen either way?

    Could we have them build a new elementary school on this site too?

  • Question

    Does anyone think that $4k to $5k per month rent for only 1,300 sq feet is insanely high or am I just out of it?

  • Purdue Guy

    Well, run the math…
    Houses in UP cost around $400 per foot. So, 1,300 x 400 is $520,000. So if you could earn 7% on the $520k that would be $36,400 a year. Divide by 12, you get $3,000. Add around $1,000 a month for property taxes. $400 or so to maintain per month. So you get $4,400 for a house per month for a 1,300 square feet… and you are in the school district. plus you get pool and indoor parking, so no $4k to $5k is good. you don’t have risk of holding a house.