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Reindeer Power is Being Replaced by Horsepower

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  • sally

    love it

  • Old Guy

    $9.99 at Walgreens

  • Wow! When did Walgreens start selling cars?

  • kmom

    I see those lil reindeer antlers on the Jumbo SUV’s in the PC’s. Someone needs to start selling moose antlers for them instead.

  • Old Guy

    I’m sorry, is that a real car?

  • @Old Guy: If it has a steering wheel and eats gas, it’s a car. Or, a sorta car.

  • DR

    A horsepower is a standard measure of the ability to do work and a Horse can do about three times the work of a Reindeer so it would stand to reason that a unit of Reindeer power would be one third of that of one horsepower so 300 HP would be >= 900 RP.

  • WF145

    @DR What you neglect to take into account is the reindeer’s ability to fly and the speed at which they can travel (in one night). Therefore the numbers which you gave have no accuracy whatsoever.