Romo Family Describes ‘Horrible Nightmare’

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  • Bibliomaniac

    Attorney said Ryan will be back in class at HPHS. Guess that’s in time for baseball season.

  • Bibliomaniac

    Or maybe he isn’t just in time for the baseball season. He violated the Extracurricular Code of Conduct both by being at an activity where alcohol was consumed and by drinking alcohol. If that counts as two offenses, the mandatory suspension is the greater of 6 weeks or 60% of the season.

  • CP


    you suck

  • Skeptic

    We’re really comparing this situation to Hurricane Katrina? Sex may be consensual. Hurricanes are not.

  • hpgrad

    bibliomaniac being at a concert does not violate the extracurricular code also you cant prove he was drinking. suck it.

  • MR

    Saying that what he is experiencing is the same as what Katrina victims experienced – r u serious???

  • Bibliomaniac

    @hpgrad. You are wrong.

    “Highland Park ISD has suspended several high school students from extracurricular activities after they attended a concert where teenagers were seen drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

    “Highland Park ISD students are prohibited from ‘attending or remaining at any activity where illegal alcohol consumption is occurring’ and ‘attending or remaining at any activity where illegal drugs are present or being used,’ according to the district’s Extracurricular Code of Conduct.

    “The concert is also where Highland Park senior Ryan Romo, 19, met an acquaintance who later told police that he raped her in the backseat of his Chevy Tahoe. Romo has been charged with sexual assault of a child.”

  • Mother Bear

    Bibliomaniac, you still suck. Get off your high horse.

    He’s definitely suffered consequences. You may not like the outcome of what happened and I’m not here to debate whether he is or isn’t guilty.

    But he HAS had consequences. This isn’t enough for you? You’re either one of those parents who have been lucky enough to have compliant children or you’re one of those parents who talks a big talk and then looks the other way when their kid messes up.

  • Bibliomaniac

    @Mother Bear. Read it for yourself:

    I just wondered if he would–as did star football and basketball players in recent years. Never said he should. You made that up.

    Do you really think the school would have forgotten about their own policy, the one they used in November against the other kids who went to that same concert, if only a suck-y commenter on a blog hadn’t brought it up?

  • Avid Reader

    Great story follow up idea; Will HP follow it’s own code of conduct after rape fiasco.

  • hp parent

    Such classless comments from entitled little brats in our community. “Suck it?” White trash. See you at the Black and White party this weekend. Be careful with your weed and your vodka in water bottles . . . Dallas po-po is on the lookout for punks like you.

  • Popsonly

    It’s not like they had an influence on senior boys and jsb. It’ll just be one more wild weekend for the Pops.

  • Party Boy

    HP Parent, I can’t wait to see you there! I really hope the security at black and white is as tight as it was at JSB. I can assure you there wasn’t one person under the influence of drugs or alcohol there.

  • I love Jesus

    Biblomatic….he hasn’t been in school for more then six weeks so it sounds to me like he’s served his time. If you think missing that time at school, loosing scholarships, and being negatively effected for the rest of his life after being wrongly accused of rape is fair then I have a serious problem with your logic.

    Also, to HP parent, I’ll see you there and I won’t have vodka in a water bottle it’ll be in a flask inscribed with my initials. Water bottles of vodka? Really? Talk about white trash. And I won’t have weed on me either cause I’ll probably just smoke it on the drive down. You stereotyping ass, get off your lap top and pick up carpool. See how that feels, stereotyping?

  • hp parent

    I know, PartyBoy. I chaperoned it. That doesn’t mean a) the kids didn’t leave and go to someone’s lake house or ranch to smoke and drink and b) the black and white (also knows as the “Black Out Party” isn’t going to be a throw down. Not all of us parents put up with kids like you.

  • Bibliomaniac

    @I Love Jesus. The Extracurricular Code of Conduct calls for suspension from the current or nearest competitive season or activity, not from classes. That’s the Student Code of Conduct. The punishable actions at that concert were things he had agreed not to do for the privilege of playing baseball; he alone is responsible for them.

  • I love Jesus

    First off I applaud your use of parenthesis HP Parent but usually when you start with one of these ( you end with one of these ). FYI there were plenty of drunk kids at JSB but I’m assuming by your previous ignorant comment that you probably have an anti social child and therefore wouldn’t know the difference between an intoxicated versus a sober teen. And the “Black and White” party, also known as the best party of the year, is fun because of the stress free environment. Sorry if I don’t appreciate being patted down by an overweight security guard at a JSB that was bound to be boring simply due to the fact that you were a chaperone. I’ll have fun at Black and White, meanwhile, shouldn’t you be fixing dinner right now? That pot roast ain’t gonna cook itself honey.

    Ps I can do this all day so keep talking, I quite enjoying making you out to be a fool.

  • Popsonly

    It is disgusting how envious hp parent is of the pops now that RR is back. It’s a shame that this topic conversation of how traumatized the Romo family has been over the last couple of months. Maybe you should change the name of your party because based off my conclusion you want your attendes to be “blackout” when they arrive.

  • Wow

    No wonder why so many people dislike Parkies. You are an embarrassment to civilization. The “Pops” in high school tend to flame out and end up working crappy sales jobs for the smart kids.

  • nfw

    @I love Jesus, your sophistication is astounding. Remember what Mark Twain said, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Deep, I know, but you should contemplate it.

  • Party Boy

    I can’t wait to do a bunch of drugs before Black and White

  • I love Jesus

    Nfw, your quote is appropriate and yet somehow ironic. By commenting you have not remained silent… so like me you too have removed all doubt of your foolishness. Although, due to the hypocracy of your statement I’d venture to say that you have revealed even more than I.

    At bibliomaniac, I’m impresse

    As for you “wow”, if you really want to know why Parkies are hated, besides the fact that most are affluent and successful which tends to bread jealousy, it’s because we can write with proper punctuation and speak with a sophistication- thank you again “nfw”- that some, perhaps like yourself, cannot understand.

    Bibliomaniac, I am impressed with your research but would recommend at least some time be set aside for eating and rest. You actually read the student code of conduct? Congratulations you’re the first person ever to accomplish the feat. Certainly no student ever has, so thank you for the insight.

  • Bibliomaniac

    @I love Jesus. If only you also loved spelling.

  • Edward

    Readers please note that the above comments have been written by current and future “leaders” of our society. So sad…..

  • Mydaddydrivesajaguar


    @ I love Jesus forgot a “d” at the end of one word. Give me a break.

  • John

    @I love Jesus – you are a joke. . Check your punctuation and spelling. @Edward – maybe not. I know exactly who RR hangs out with and which of them are likely to make such assinine comments. I also am very involved in the Dallas business scene. I can assure you if any of those dads start asking for internships or favors for their flunky kids in any of my companies, they will be turned away.

  • Popsonly

    John- that’s not a problem when your dad runs his own company. Consider that as an option

    Bibliomaniac- while I have enjoyed your comments, I think it’s time for you to turn it down. At the end of the day, isn’t this supposed to be about the Romo family? Not someone who is quickly typing and forgot the letter d? I’m pretty sure everyone in here could imply that was mea t to be there. And you should learn your grammar sometime soon. The sentence you said is a fragment. Not an actual sentence, so please revise your comments next time before publishing.

  • I love Jesus

    @John, overexagerating your power in the business world by referring to yourself as being “involved” in the “scene” and then doing a complete 360 to actually owning multiple companies… Hmmmm?

    Bibliomaniac, if I loved spelling as much as you loved reading the extracurricular code of conduct for HP then I’d be worried about myself. Although I’ll take it as a compliment that the only flaws you could find in my argument were spelling errors.

    Woah déjà vu. I feel like I’ve done this before…? Intentionally making people angry on the Internet… don’t they have a word for that?

  • Heckman


    If you where such an established business man you would not be wasting your time on a Park Cities People blog. Nobody cares who you are or who you hang out with. You are arguing with teens if thats what you need to do to make yourself seem like a big shot take a hike. You will be working for my friends and me in the long run anyway.

    forguve me for my miss spellings #thirstythursday

  • I love god

    John, why are you spending time reading articles about highschool kids? Shouldn’t you be worried about your giant involvement in the Dallas business scene. I know for a fact my father is very involved as well and does not spend his days bantering on highschool topics. Get a life.

  • hpgrad

    @ilovejesus uh oh you done messed with the bill gates of dallas! Youre going no where in life now! but in all seriousness yall parents need to relax those parties arent any fun with out a few beers involved and a joint here and there. go scots

  • Avid Reader

    Always enjoy when the kids come out to whine.

  • Mydaddydrivesajaguar

    Always enjoy when the avid readers come out to whine about the kids whining.

  • Avid Reader

    Please, keep it up. Highly entertaining.

  • Ben

    John- Avid reader, what’s your take on this issue? You’re an avid commenter.

  • Kersten

    If it really is HPHS students making these rude comments, it’s really tragic. I hope you’re not serious.

  • Avid Reader

    @Ben, The entire situation is terrible for all involved. Since I was not in the Tahoe, I don’t know the exact details and will not take either side. What we do know is both kids were drinking at what is essentially a booze and drug fueled rave (been to a few GO shows over the years; that is the typical crowd experience that I have observed) which no high schoolers should be at in the first place (cue the intelligent gramatically correct teenager responses about how smart they are and how they know how to handle their booze and drugs; you aren’t and you can’t). With the failure to indict, at face value RR got a raw deal. That said, what this girl went through was no vacation that she went on just for fun. Sucks that either of them had to leave their school because of this, but the answer is to not put yourself in these types of positions in the first place. With the police involved it is clear their was alcohol involved and even with everything both have gone through, they deserve whatever punishments are related to alcohol that are in the handbook.

  • Just Sayin

    @nfw – it was Abraham Lincoln and not Mark Twain who said, “better to be silient…”

    @AvidReader – I was at the concert and there was a large amount of teenagers at the concert and with most having had something to drink. No different atmosphere than when I was at HP going to concerts at Starplex, Smirnoff, or whatever that venue is called now and my older brothers and sisters years before me. This is nothing new nor something to be proud of but a fact of growing up and experiencing life.

    For those arguing and commenting back and forth on this blog with current students, you are making an embarrassment out of yourself and as Avid says keeps this entertaining. For the HP Parents that is chaperoning, why don’t you actually do your job of being a parent and chaperon rather than talk crap with teens on a blog after the fact. Stay classy HP and Go Scots!

  • Bibliomaniac

    @Just Sayin & nfw. According to WikiAnswers, both Lincoln and Twain said this, with Lincoln quoting Twain.

  • ipmom

    Really what I would enjoy is the IP addresses of the posters… I think it is time for PC People to start using legit blog posts so kids (and adults) cant hide behind a secret post.

    I just don’t understand the anger in this generation gap…what happened to morality? Just be good, save it for marriage, and don’t break any laws. It’s easy. You can still have fun.