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Romos File Lawsuit Against Accuser And Her Parents

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  • floridianviaohio

    when he was accused his name was given

    he is now innocent / not guilty etc

    now she is being accused and her name is not given

    either women are to be treated with equality or not

    you are saying no to equality

  • @whateveryournameis

    Has nothing to do with gender or the names of those involved in this particular case. Anyone over the age of 18 is an adult in the eyes of the law and can be named publicly when accused of a crime. Probably every media outlet in the US has a very firm policy of not releasing the name of an alleged victime of a sex crime – regardless of age or gender. This isn’t a case of the PCP saying no to equality, this is a case of you saying no to googling questions you don’t know the answer to.

  • Bill

    I hope he get a $50 million verdict against them.