Romo’s Name Missing From Baseball Roster

  • Hp

    That’s a big loss for the team. He’s a prototypical 3 hole hitter with a big baseball future ahead of him.

  • JSW

    I’d be surprised to hear that he’s still a student at the school. Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable if both parties returned to the same school? Are they both still students there? And while we’re at it – is there any update on this case?

  • Morris

    David Oliver – really? thought his first name was Fred? basketball coach’s first name is David The team can now focus on baseball

  • hp parent

    Big loss for the team, big win for the good guys. Laters, Baby.

  • @Morris: Oops. Thanks for the correction. I was so concerned with not accidentally typing Tony Romo that I got careless with the coach’s name.