Scots Radio Team Had Dramatic Offseason

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  • ScotsFan


  • XT

    Obviously, only one side of the story, but given my experience with youth sports in HP, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this were true. “Adults” switching teams in the middle of the night, stealing players, hiding players,mother list goes on and on. Certainly not unique to the Park Cities, but disappointing nonetheless.

  • Nauseated HP Resident

    Nauseating to have the Park Cities People print something so blatantly one-sided. I guess they have never held themselves out as being “fair and balanced.” This does leave me wondering which team Dan was there to cheer for…..

  • Go Scots!

    I loved not having the annoying radio delay we had last year! Three cheers to getting that fixed!!!

  • Avid Reader

    Need more details…

  • I was there to cheer for the Scots, and we haven’t “printed” anything on this subject. I merely quoted a statement on my website that was already posted on another website. Maybe this seems like semantics to non-journalists, but we have higher standards for print stories than we do for blog posts. Rest assured that I’ll endeavor to get both sides of the story before one word about this appears in the newspaper.

  • Sports Fan

    So, did the game sound better on the radio than the result looked in the paper? Should HP be looking for a new coach? Do we need that freshman QB who moved in/out in the same week? Surely the Belles won the half-time show?

  • I was impressed by how enthusiastically the Aledo fans cheered for the Belles.

  • Hpparent

    Belle families go to the other side to cheer for their girls when they face the opposing side. Was that the case? I used to give opponents tons of credit until I figured that out!!

  • really

    We don’t need a new coach. Look at his record. Sometimes you just get outplayed. They will be competitive for district. Aledo has a great team.

  • Avid Reader

    @Sports Fan and Dan Koller, Opposition applause is not factored into the win/loss calculation. The Belles haven’t lost a half-time show in ever. In. Ever.

  • Edward

    @ Nauseated HP Resident – I would also love to hear what the other side to this “one-sided” comment from the previous game broadcaster could be – if there was one that was even remotely justifiable.

    I’m not one bit surprised to hear that someone was screwed over by HP parents. Just because someone lives in a better zip code or goes to the right church doesn’t mean they have any better morals than anyone else.

  • LB

    I am hoping that someone can let me know which radio station will be broadcasting Scots football games from now on. I live in Austin and had the same experience last Saturday night of hearing country music on 1190 AM. The radio listings for tonight’s high school football games posted by the Dallas Morning News still has 1190 for the Scots game and 100.7 as broadcasting the Midland Lee/Southlake game.

  • Neutral

    Try 660 am

  • LB

    Thanks! I missed seeing this post in time to catch the Scots game last Friday, but I am looking forward to checking out 660 AM for the game this evening. I see that even the Dallas Morning News now has 660 AM listed for the Socts game.