Sources Say Doherty Out at SMU

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  • Van

    Brad Stevens was the first coach that came to me, but he has a much better supported program at Butler and signed a long contract for good money in 2010. I’d make the phone call anyway.

    Question, could SMU build a competitive BB program by solely focusing on North Texas talent? If so, who (current coach at any level) has the best ties with local HS coaches in the area?

  • UPDad

    They tried the local ties route before Doherty with Jimmy Tubbs, and that didn’t work so well. I thought & hoped when they got Doherty that they had gotten someone who would recruit well, especially with the new facility. I still think that’s the only possible route to building any kind of a program, getting a good, solid, successful coach, as opposed to an up-and-comer. I think they just got the wrong one this time. Brooks, Thomas, or Lansing are just going backwards.