Specific Loot, Vague Timing

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  • Avid Reader

    A lot of it is laziness. However, my best guess is that they or husband/wife/kid was the one aware of the situation and once the appropriate party was notified they tried to make an insurance claim only to find out that a police report is usually needed for evidence purposes.

  • Think

    Like Avid said, the owner didn’t become aware that it was missing until he/she needed to use/wear whatever is missing again. Then you can pin the date with a time you were out of town or a situation where you thought nothing was missing after a break-in.

  • Michelle Saunders

    Avid Reader, that makes a lot of sense. I believe one of the many tardy reports I’ve read actually mentioned that…not reporting it until 8 months after the fact, when their insurance company recommended it. Interesting. Thanks for your input!