Stuff Park Cities People Say

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  • Avid Reader

    Oh. Very nice.

  • Jeff Bowden

    Car pool line was my favorite. Bravo.

  • hpparent

    Love it! I feel famous!

  • Coral C

    Your video inspired me to waste some more of my workday:

    It’s a fabulous property.
    Is that Lulu Lemon?
    We moved here for the schools.
    I’m having a little proceedure done next week.
    Thursday? I can’t, Thursday’s Bible study.
    Your tennis skirt is sooooooo cute!
    We’re having drinks at the Third Floor at Mico’s.
    I’ve got my mind on so many things.
    Good Lord, another telephone book?
    HPUMC’s kids program is so much better.
    I don’t want to have to put him on medication.
    We’re dealing with the drama of tryouts.
    Gotta go, I’m in a school zone.
    I’ve been going to the Grooming Room my whole life.
    We don’t care if y’all drink, just don’t leave the house.
    Who is the Community League anyway?
    That’s against UIL rules.
    I’m sick of all those white crosses.
    Wag more, bark less.
    We’ll be praying for you.
    I’m working on my citizenship in the community badge.
    We don’t need that in our city.
    We miss Ball’s!
    Do they have to use a leaf blower on Sundays?
    Why would anyone put a trampoline in their front yard?
    After soccer I’ll pick you up and go straight to lacross.
    Cattle Barons was so much fun this year.
    Can you make a donation to our school auction?
    Would you sponsor me for the Salesmanship Club?

  • Avid Reader
  • Just Sayin’

    Very funny. I lost it over the carpool schtick. So TRUE.

  • High School Hero

    this is only funny cause im still soooooo drunk from jsb

  • I’m just a parkie

    did you get your daughter that new range rover sport?
    you got your son that new black tahoe, right?
    should we go to 4510 or celebrity for lunch?
    I heard he had an affair, will she get to keep the ferrari?
    Why does that family have 7 cars if only 2 people there drive?
    What’s a tip? I just left my checking account on the table…
    Where in the world is Merritt Patterson?
    Does anyone even like Merritt?
    Sorry, won’t make lunch today, getting a new car on my way to Barney’s.

    Welcome to Highland Park, the land of crazy people.

    But hey, we have cash… What else matters?

  • Bob Hope

    The camera person must have been drunk, like high school hero. But a high schooler would actually know how to properly use a video camera.

  • jamie may

    there are so many things you could’ve added! It was okay, but way too short. Also, you should’ve had a waspy mom and spoiled teenagers!!