The Great Advertising Scandal of 1983

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  • sls

    Wow, the 80’s. How about searching for the name of the photographer?

  • C Hall

    I searched “Intimate Moments”. It comes up with lingerie. I searched “Intimate Moments Photography and there are a couple (Nebraska, Ontario…) but none in Texas. I’d say marketing is to blame! They should have been advertising for hair removal.

  • Moe Skeedo

    maybe you guys could do some research, identify and contact the models – and get them to reproduce the pose 30 years later?

  • MiracleMileMobil

    Hey…isn’t that Kirk Dooley?! Modeling for his own paper to save some production costs no doubt!

  • Oldtimer

    Wow, if you had posted this before last week’s election, this would have been some pretty low Chicago style politicking. Dig a little deeper on who the female model is, you’ll be surprised, she still looks great!

  • Oldtimer, are you trying to tell us that’s Tincy Miller?

  • Old timer

    Is it Mrs. Branch?

  • A. B.

    Ann Romney.

  • @oldtimer

    Definitely not Mrs. Branch. Her father is Vic Salvino and there is no way she would do that.