UP Council Says ‘Get Off My Lawn’

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  • Dololly

    Thank goodness. We’ve got basketball rims, trampolines and all manner of “yard art” visible on the streets already. Imagine all the junk items from a persons garage left on the front lawn for two days as well. Sheesh.

  • MGBHStar

    Can we get all the cars and trucks parked in front of houses banned too? I hate seeing all those 5+ yr old cars.

    In regard to Garage Sales, maybe we should allow HPISD to rent space in the High School parking garage or Middle School parking lots on weekends for people to hold sales. It would be kind of like a high-end Trader’s Village.

  • Parkie

    The reason why there are so many cars on the streets is because all the front driveways are taken out when the older homes are torn down. If each house still had the front driveway, or even just part of a driveway, the problem would be solved. With more teardowns on the way, it’s only going to get worse.

  • grump

    MGBHStar-Re Garage Sales: Seriously, that is a great idea!!! Our streets become clogged on weekends every time there is a garage sale.
    It won’t happen because it makes sense, but it is a great idea!!!

    Parking in front of houses I have to balk at though. Guilty as charged.

  • MGBHStar

    Perhaps we need a building code change like they did in Austin. In order to get a building permit, you have to show you will provide X number of off-street parking spaces. The number was based on square footage of the residence. i.e. bigger houses had to provide more off-street spaces. UP would also have to step-up ticketing and towing for violators.