The Waters Family Owes Me $1

  • Neal

    Does Park Cities News actually publish a whole new paper each week? Maybe they just slap on a different page 1 and leave the rest the same. It’s not like their dwindling readership of octogenarians and Klonopin-addled mommies would know the difference anyway.

  • Avid Reader

    Those who live in glass houses….I get my paper mail delivered to the office and have only gotten one delivery within a week of edition date; usually get two at the same time 3 and 4 weeks late.

  • People Newspapers

    @ Avid Reader:
    Thanks for bringing your delivery problems to our attention. Should you continue to have any problems, please contact our circulation director, Dorothy Wood, at 214-523-5248 or [email protected]. You can also click the “Subscribe” banner at the top of our page if you ever need any help. Thanks for reading!

  • Dorothy

    @Avid Reader – you can thank your Post Office for the late delivery. Our papers are delivered to the main post office, before it opens, each and every Thursday. If you will call me with your address I can add it to epubwatch. Perhaps that will light a fire under your mail person and local post office.

  • Bibliomaniac

    Dan, the June 13 edition exists. There’s a stack on the counter of the HP Library.