Three New Restaurants Coming to SMU Blvd.

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  • Honcho

    World of Beer. I thought that is what had been envisioned for Hillcrest Avenue in University Park, not SMU Boulevard in Dallas. I feel cheated. I wanted so much to live in a World of Beer. And strippers.

  • UPDad

    @Honcho, that’s pretty funny!

  • XT

    Honcho, don’t forget hookers. Although maybe they didn’t want the hookers around SMU, what with Craig James having killed 5 hookers and all.

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  • Torchness

    Got any info on parking down there? Will there be a parking garage? It’s already hard to park for Milo’s or Barley House or Twisted Root, I’d love to try these new places but if parking is the same, no thanks!

  • Bradford Pearson

    Torchness- I believe it’s underground parking, but I could be wrong.