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Candidates Express Interest in Running For Branch’s Position

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  • Neal

    This is like the Pepsi Challenge, but with douches.

  • Austinite

    @ Real McCoy “We need people representing us in office who have an actual understanding of how business and the world works, not someone who has carried a silver spoon in their front pocket their whole life.”

    Although I am not political, I have known Chart for 14 years. I have listened, watched and learned so much from him over the years. I can confidently say that Chart has a brilliant understanding of how the business world works; an understanding that he has worked towards for far longer than since he graduated from law school. He was born into a privileged situation and raised by hard working, challenging parents who prepared him well for the real world. I completely support him in all of his political endeavors, as he would be exceptional in office.

  • NoDalDad

    @Park Cities Parent
    WOW! You need to get out of the Park Cities more. Greenhill “a high school of less esteem” then HP? That is one of the most ridiculous posts of all the above, and that is saying a lot, for there’s a load of ridiculous there.

  • Chester

    Chart and his father Carl are very good friends and big contributors to Jerry Brown the ultra liberal CA governor.
    Chart worked for Brown in his election. I always thought Chart was a liberal Democrat. Now he is a conservative Republican????

    Who knew? Daddy’s money must mean you can re-write your history!!

  • Neal

    @Chester: Thank you, we’ve already seen that comment. More than once, actually.

  • Joe


    You say you have “listened, watched and learned so much from him over the years.”

    What can you really learn from a 28-year old kid who just graduated from college? Please give us a few examples — and the cheat codes for xBox games don’t count.

  • Graph Eastbunk

    Turns out Chart has some hilarious things to say on twitter:


  • Mike and Emmy Guy

    Morgan Myer would be the best candidate. Truthful to himself and family, successful, intelligent. No daddys money, no false prophet bs. No frat boy image. This is not brain surgery. It is HP though.

  • John

    All of these people are wrong for Texas. They may represent this small enclave of Dallas but they do not represent Texas. This is all so sad to even have to read. We should be progressing as a state, not stuck in the past electing people from 1980s frat movies.