UP Announces Dive-in Movie Schedule

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  • M

    Are these well-attended? I understand why they need to go the G-rated route, but doesn’t the time of the movie suggest an older audience? Maybe the parents of the G-rated crowd just endure the envitable next day crankiness like sleepovers? Or maybe the teens don’t pay much attention to the movie? Just curious.

  • R

    Either you’re being sarcastic or you need to rewatch Sandlot.

  • anon

    @M, yes, they are well-attended, but not overly so. The outdoor screen is set up in a corner (near the lap lane). Most of the kids (ages 8-13 or so) hang out in the water, usually on floats of some sort. They congregate up to that shallow corner like a flotilla. Huge floats aren’t allowed, as it is a safety risk. Parents are 20% or so in the pool, but mostly hang out reading their ipad/Nook/Kindle/book, checking cell phones, or catching up on their daily lives with each other. You’ll see a lot of Dads hanging out, giving the Moms some peace and quality time at home. For the kids, it’s more about “hanging in a pool while a movie is playing”. It really doesn’t matter what the movie is. It’s more of a social-oriented fun, family event than going and focusing on the movie plot.

  • A. B.

    Yes, they are usually well-attended. But if you want to suggest a triple bill of Porky’s 1, 2, and 3 I’m sure the City Council will be all ears.

  • Sarah Bennett

    @R – You’re right, the faux drowning scene has now resurfaced in my memory. But I still associate The Sandlot with baseball first. You’re killin’ me, smalls!