UP Residents Should Turn Off Sprinklers

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  • earth mother

    I don’t think too many people are paying much attention to this request. Sprinklers on all over the place this morning. I bet those same people would be the first to complain if there was an emergency.
    Come on people, we’re in the middle of a drought. And speaking of, why are we not under water restrictions?

  • Wondering

    I’m honoring HP’s same request, but you’d better believe that on Thursday my yard will have a nice long rain.

  • JJ

    The city forgot to listen to their calls. Fairfax park and Beverly at the tollway sprinklers have been on for at least a 20 minute cycle while I walked my dog tonight. I hope I have enough water to shower tomorrow.

  • Dan Newell

    I noticed that the City was watering Gore Park early on Thursday, May 8. The City requests the residence to follow rules that the City does not follow themselves. Somewhat like the Federal government.

  • really

    And Coffee Park was getting a thorough soaking from the sprinklers on Friday morning. After all of the rain we had Thursday afternoon. Really! Come on City of UP! Get with the program.