University Park Woman Accused of Distributing Child Pornography

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    Not a clue…I was wondering the same thing.

  • momof4

    I certainly do not know everyone but if someone is a “socialite” I have usually heard their name or seen their picture in the paper. I have never heard of her.

  • Pony

    Does it effing matter if the perv is a socialite? The woman was distributing pictures of adults engaging in sex acts with prepubescent children, for crying out loud!

  • Pony

    I give up

  • Anne Maddox

    I am so sickened by this. My kids play at that park all the time.

  • NotASocialite

    The suspect may have no interest in child porn other than n distributing it, a money-making enterprise that she can do in her home with a computer and no warehouse. Could be just a business–a sick, illegal business. Trial will tell.

  • A worried neighbor

    Does anyone have any info on whether she is in custody or not?? We live very close to this house and it would be nice to have some updated info. When I called UP police, they had no idea what I was talking about, the local branch of the FBI told me to write a letter to request information (ugh) and said I should get info from the local news media. She’s not showing up on the online searches for local jails or Texas prisons, so it sure sounds like she’s still living right across from the park.

    The raid supposedly happened in April, and we still don’t have any info on her whereabouts or the status of this.

    Does anyone have access to current info??

  • Bradford Pearson

    A worried neighbor- She’s in an addiction center in Argyle, according to the FBI documents.

  • Robin

    I also heard she was in rehab. That’s nice for her.
    Was her husband at all aware of this? Of course she was not a Socialite, except in her weirdo evil world of child abuse and pornography. How long has she been married to the doc? Looks like he has probably lived here many years and it makes me wonder how she slimed her way in. How long was she walking in our neighborhood and enjoying Coffee Park with OUR children? Please let’s make sure she is put away, then we can sweep it under the rug.

  • SharonK

    I wanted to take my daughter to this park. I won’t be able to now.