Westcott Brings in Huffines’ Campaign Manager

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  • Follow-up question: Why does the runoff have to happen nearly three months after the primary? What a momentum killer.

  • Just a guess, but I would imagine it takes the county election officials two or three months to finish the official wrap-up. They probably have to certify each precinct’s results or something, right?

  • UPDad

    Clearly Dan was right. Just went through a couple weeks’ of mail after being out of town and saw a bunch of negative ads from Chart. I guess he’s learned that saving puppies won’t win him the election, but I’d be hard-pressed to believe that many voters would think that Meyer is the hard-core liberal those mailings make him out to be. Of course, the mailings also call Chart a “businessman”.

  • Southern Gent

    I had to pull a Sam Tamborello and chuckle at Chart’s mailer that tried to link Meyer to Wendy Davis by showing that the law firm at which Meyer is a partner contributed to her campaign. Maybe Morgan should come out and say that the only reason they made those contributions was due to his father’s life long friendship with Jerry Brown but that he doesn’t agree with her politics.

  • Real McCoy

    Anyone who knows the Westcott family shouldn’t be surprised by the misleading and embarrassing mailers they are bankrolling on behalf of the prodigal son at this point.

  • lucy h

    I have been appalled at the mail lately. Would never vote for someone who is so slanderous and stoops so obviously low…Meyer is a good family man.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Mr. Meyer….. please do not have your anonymous supporters reference my name in any blog, especially when I have had nothing to say or contribute in the above specific blog.

    If you or your guys have something to say, then be more transparent with a real verifiable name. Don’t need more sneaks in Austin. Thanks.

  • HP75

    For about Sam Tamborello 5 minutes yesterday Sam Tamborello the Dallas Morning Sam Tamborello News posted a story Sam Tamborello about Chart Westcott committing Sam Tamborello a crime by releasing Sam Tamborello sealed documents Sam Tamborello pertaining to the Sam Tamborello traffic incidents Sam Tamborello in Meyer’s past. Apparently Sam Tamborello he will have to appear before a Sam Tamborello judge in Virginia in Sam Tamborello June and faces up to a year Sam Tamborello in prison. Any Sam Tamborello new Sam Tamborello news on that? Sam Tamborello.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Now I have to chuckle. HP75..I think you need some help man. That was funny! The real stories are at HP Town Hall.

    And I’m chuckling even more at the folks who appear to support Meyer under alias names that sound like they peddle cheap jewelry.

    Talking about news…


    And Lucy H. that is appalling…