Westcott Makes Candidacy Official

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  • Brandon

    5,000 signatures, that’s double the $2,500 Chart gave to Jerry Brown – liberal, pro-abortion, union backer, government health care lovin Governor of California. Is Brown the type of common sense conservative Chart will back in November? If the polls tell him to maybe.

  • TA Brinker

    Readers hold know this Brandon person has a chip on his shoulder about Chart Westcott. I’ve read his nasty comments before and I think I know who it is, because I’m involved where Brandon works. The Westcott family, especially Chart, have supported Conservative candidates and causes for years. Char himself helped raise over $100,000 for the Dallas County Republicans last spring. Chart’s a local boy done good; he was raised here, he knows us and he’ll serve us well in Austin. Brandon needs to grow up and quit using other people’s computers to post his nasty comments.

  • Avid Reader

    @TA Brinker, Regardless of Brandon’s chips or place of employment, Chart’s less than conservative record will need to be addressed.

  • LW

    Chart certainly isn’t a conservative. But he definitely fits the good ol’ Republican blue-blood country club mold. His history checks almost every box needed to be considered a RINO. With his dad’s money and connections, he will have a decent shot. But I hope we pick someone with more principled beliefs.

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  • XT

    At 28, Chart’s barely ANYTHING. Not a parent, never had a kid in school, works for Daddy, never had anyone but himself to be accountable to. I’m sorry, he may well be a fine young man, but I wouldn’t vote for ANYBODY with that scant experience.

  • Steve

    Exactly, while he may have been raised in the Park Cities, he doesn’t have a lot of fresh ideas that justify putting a 28 year old in charge of such a large district, which includes Oak Lawn. Dan Branch has five kids! Was Chart even president of the student body in high school or college? A leader in church? Something on his own?

  • t-Bone

    All of his supporters in the picture above appear to be in their 20’s. “Avid” has a good point….”Chart’s less than conservative record will need to be addressed.” I am HIGHLY skeptical of RINOs. We need proof of his conservative bonafides………or we may end up with another Pete Sessions.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Mr. Westcott, just received your nice Christmas greeting card today. I have to tell you I’m impressed.

    At first, I thought you were probably too young, but you know, second thoughts, I think you have a lot of class and are young enough, smart enough, to take off in Austin.

    Our state and local governments need young people, Good luck with your campaign.

  • XT

    Must have been some Christmas card.

    From this magical card, you can discern that this young man is smart enough, and has enough class, to serve our state. Huh.

  • Sam Tamborello

    It’s just the little things that make a big difference…to answer your question, yep!

  • XT

    If a Christmas card in any way, shape or form determines what you think of someone, well, then, I’d argue that you are not very discerning. He must have shown a picture of himself cleaning mosquito larvae from a water fountain or something.

  • Avid Reader

    @Sam Tamborello, Maybe you should send out a similar Christmas card in the future if that’s all it takes to impress someone enough for a vote.

  • HP75

    On that card it looked to me like Chart was chuckling and we all know what a turn on that is for Sam.

  • Neal

    I’m not voting for him simply because he is bombarding my home telephone with robocalls. And it looks like his dad is trying to buy the seat.

    Keep this in mind – the house of representatives, whether state or federal – isn’t a place that attracts people of intelligence, high achievement, personal potential, or private sector success. Wealthy donors back candidates they think they can control, and they know that the smarter and more principled the candidate, the harder it is to control that person. Chart Westcott seems to have a lot of wealthy backers. Do the math.

  • 1st anon

    The 108 candidate base is overall pretty weak. All of them are too young, no real life experiences, and all coming from too-privileged a background, including the Democrat candidate. When a representative from South Texas or El Paso wants to discuss an issue, none of this group will have any background to be able to compassionately understand. It’s a pity that no one better could be found or would step up.

  • HP Rules

    @1st anon – The rep from the 108th will look like the people he (or she) represents – privileged (I’m not sure what “too-privaledged” means). They are young and have little experience, but that also means they might have new ideas, vitality and perhaps a lack of cynicism which means they might actually be able to get some things done! It makes me excited to see younger people interested in making a difference through politics!

  • 1st anon

    @HP Rules, your vision of 108 is highly distorted. First off, 108 extends beyond the Park Cities. Now, let’s look at the Park Cities. It’s a bell curve. There are 20% who have done very well or inherited well (good for them!). There are 20% who struggle to be here, often to get their kids in school. Or seniors who grew up here and struggle often because of the taxes. Then there is the middle 80%: the dad goes to work every day, often the mom works, some divorced households, often good jobs, but not CEO-level multi-million/year jobs. Everyone on my block in UP fits this category.

    In addition, most of the Park Cities is in the 40+ range, unless they are still in college/school.

    Accordingly, none of the 4 candidates “look like” the majority of the people that they represent.

    The 4 candidates “look like” 20- to 30-something privileged kids who have never had to struggle to pay taxes or make a mortgage payment or find a job when the economy tanks or raise a child through high school.

    So I’ll go back to my original statement that it is a weak group in contention for 108.

  • Steve

    Sweet Pete Sessions is a RINO? He sure seems solidly republican to me. 108 also serves Oak Lawn and some of Uptown and that’s a much less Republican and more diverse group. They probably vote a lot less too.

    I still haven’t heard what Chart did at HPHS or Vandy. Student body president? A recognized leader? Assume he’s pretty smart to go to Vandy. Is he headed to the BBVA Compass Bowl on January 4th in Birmingham? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Avid Reader

    @1st anon, I’ll give you that at face value without actually speaking to any of the candidates you would absolutely get the idea that they might “have never had to struggle to pay taxes or make a mortgage payment or find a job when the economy tanks”. We all know that is 100% true about one specific candidate, which is a situation in which he had no control. The other three candidates have much deeper stories if you actually want to know about them. Also, you start out saying that the 108 is more than just the PC in rebuttal to @HP Rules comment regarding the candidates for 108 “looking like” the constituents. What area of the 108 is so vastly different than the PC area?

  • Avid Reader

    @1st anon, I was looking at the wrong map, definitely some areas in 108 that are not in line with Preston Hollow/PC. That said, I would guess that those areas haven’t historically had many candidates in the mix.