What Ever Happened to Cynthia Martinez?

  • Neal
  • Hearsayer

    Was told last year that the older child lived with an HPISD family in order to graduate and the younger child was placed with a family in another school district. She probably loves her kids but her choices severely disrupted their lives.

  • M

    prostitution usually does

  • Grow Up

    Did this woman make good decisions…no

    Do you kick another human while they are down? That is up to you, but be the better person and let this woman’s 15 minutes of negative fame go. I am sure her and her kids have enough in life to overcome than to keep being brought up in a community blog for scrutiny.

  • UPMom

    Whatever happened to Merritt Patterson?

    Enough is enough. It is hard to be a single parent in HP even under the best of circumstances.

  • RR

    Merritt Patterson was in a few lawsuits herself and last I heard was writing some D+ reality show recaps. Good riddance.

  • LL

    Ditto RR.