When Our Communities Change, We Change

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  • OldManK

    What about all of us who subscribed under the “old model”?

    Do we get our money back from our subscriptions pro-rata?

  • Yes. Call Dorothy Wood at 214-523-5248.


    Do we need to call her, or will it be automatically reimbursed to us?

  • Lifelong HP resident

    This brings up a very interesting point – changing community with people not from here. As a lifelong resident of the Park Cities, I never in a million years thought I would want to move from here. Lately. I do. I’m saddened by the influx of people who have “ruined” our small town. I find this new blood to be extruciatingly entitled, snobby & rude. It’s so sad. I know I’m not the only original resident who feels this way. We’ve had many discussions on this sad issue. I wish they would read this comment & also learn how NOT to act based on their wrong interpretation of HP. I miss the old days. I wish Dan would write an article, “How PC Residents Don’t Act”. I bet you could get some great quotes from people who would like this new blood to know whatever they heard about us or expected we acted before they moved here, probably wasn’t exactly correct. So, they don’t need to act snobby, rude & entitled to “keep up” or “fit in”. The majority of original residents is a very laid back, humble, sweet & kind supportive group that grew up here. Dan/Wick help. Please enlighten these people on how not to act. They’re pushing us “normal” residents to the brink. On a separate note. The weekly paper will sorely be missed, but I certainly understand.

  • XT

    Funny, most of the people I know in the Park Cities grew up here. The place is littered HP high school graduates, every party is like a high school reunion. So those humble, laid back, sweet people must have done a poor job of raising their offspring.
    Please. Just like anything else, “the good old days” weren’t as good as you think, and today’s Parkies aren’t as bad as you make them. I’m glad that you and the other original residents (newsflash: you’re not the original residents) anointed yourself proper and better than anyone else. That alone speaks volumes.
    Now get off my lawn!!!!

  • X

    Well said! I have had exactly the same experience. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to turn back the clock – so like many of the nicest places in the country, others have moved in and destroyed it.

    You’re blind to the truth.

  • NFW

    @lifelong & x, thank you for enlightening us all! Unfortunately, your comments seem to be an example of the very thing you claim to eschew. News flash, folks. Everything changes. If you are longing for a more genteel time, that if gone from everywhere. I’ve lived here for 10+ years, and I know examples of life long Parkies who are self-entitled idiots. I consider my family pretty normal BTW, and I teach my kids to treat all people with respect.

  • XT

    I’m a lot of things, but blind to the truth certainly isn’t one of them. Your air of superiority is in direct contradiction to your statement that you and your type are “laid back, humble and sweet”. In fact, it sounds “snobby, rude and entitled”. It’s not “down to earth”, it’s flat out judgemental. And certainly lacks of openness and inclusion.It strikes me as very similar to immigration. I want me and mine to get in, but once I’m here, don’t let any of those “others” in.

    I like living here. I think it is a special place. Because of the people who live her NOW, who volunteer at the schools NOW, who coach sports teams NOW. I’m sure the people who lived here previously did the same exact stuff, and it was appreciated then as it is now.

    People are people, now and back then. There were laid back and humble people, then and now, as well as rude and entitled people, then and now.

  • M

    Did Wit shop the paper to Warren Buffett? Perhaps Warren could have saved it. He likes investing in newspapers.

  • jben

    I’ve lived in UP for almost 15 years. I am still waiting to meet an old UP family who’s humble. Or friendly.