YMCA Officials Return With Smaller Project

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  • Hopeful

    After what many considered to be an arbitrary and unexplained reduction in square footage, it is encouraging that the Council is willing to consider meeting the YMCA somewhere in the middle.

    Let us hope that all parties understand that concessions from all sides are necessary and that the divisiveness that has plagued the process is behind us.

  • Ken Raggio

    The Y doesn’t want to minimize the cash cow a Huge Y will be. So they want to ignore the reality that they grossly understated the traffic effects of their new proposed Y. The City’s traffic review showed this stark fact. And the City Council cut the building down to 52000 sq ft to at least minimize the excessive traffic the new Y will cause.

    The arbitrary figures involved are the undisclosed financial take that the Metro Y gets from the Park Cities Y.It appears the Downtown Y says we need this size of Y in your neighborhood so give us the cash flow we desire. So what if they local streets are overrun because of the significantly increased usages-gym, more classrooms, tripling the size of the preK school, etc.

    The City Council addressed all this usage by limiting the size. And Downtown Y doesn’t like it. So another bite at the apple…

  • Piper Man

    “Areas which do not create additional parking need”, such as hallways, closets, staircases and utility rooms. It always sounds so benign when developers like the Y or Legacy Hillcrest start using these magical words. As if you know, hey we’re just asking for a broom closet here and there. Bovine Scatology! If the Council agrees to exempt 10% of their total area for these kinds of uses, that gives them an additional 10% space to use for areas that do generate more parking demand and traffic. Stoopid.