Young Hunter Reed Graff Lives High on The Hog

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  • X

    I like the video – congrats to Reed for his kill.

    I am concerned, however, about his handling of the rifle. I was taught by me father to always treat a gun as if it was loaded. Please be careful with your rifle, Reed!

  • John Barron

    Agree with X. Huge fan of getting kids involved in responsible hunting early. Great shot, Reed. Just not a fan of youth hunting accidents.

  • Ray

    Congradulations…one less wild hog to worry about! Them critters can do some damage to one’s land. We had a group of hogs grazing off our ranch and they just made a mess! As for the young hunter and handling of his rifle, there was a few moment that made me nervous. Remember rule 1 & 2 of firearm safety, All firearms are loaded and never let the muzzle cover anything you don’t want destroyed. Be safe and shoot more hogs.