Blog Changes

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  • Tk

    Would love to see the “no comments/# of comments” in a darker font or blue. That way it would pop out better.
    Thank goodness the fog has lifted. Looking good.

  • gadfly

    Why is it that the hot links (e.g. “has their own blog”) don’t show up and are not hot/active in the main blog window? But do show up as a link when I isolate it by clicking on the title.

  • laurie

    Where did all the older posts go? Are they blowin’ in the wind?

  • Junior Boy at HP

    The new text color is awesome! It makes it so much easier to see!

  • Dan Koller

    Gadfly and Laurie, we are working to solve both problems. Stay tuned.

  • DemBones

    Please bring back “Older Posts.”

  • HP Mom

    How do you email the link to a story like we used to be able to do on the old website?