Cooter’s Is Closing Saturday

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  • Southern Gent

    Good, hopefully they can put in a (enter foreign woman’s name here) Boutique. We need a few more.

    Sorry to see Cooter’s go, but admittedly I haven’t bought anything from them in years. But I’m sure some people still use their nighttime film drop for their Kodacolor disk film cameras.

  • Mainzer

    That is VERY disappointing to hear!

  • momof4

    So sorry to see it go. Very nice people and very informative.

  • joeat

    I am shocked. I remember their formal opening at their first location where Lombardi’s new restaurant is under construction. The boy’s late father, Al, was a fine man.

  • BettyG

    Sad!!! Bought so many cards from them as a teenager and every roll of film for slides or photos was purchased/developed there. They will be missed!!! The Village must need another monument to greed and excess.

  • Good luck guys. Best camera store ever!!

  • Highland Park Village just issued the following statement:

    “Cooter’s Village Camera informed Highland Park Village management last week that they would be closing their doors on Saturday, August 13th. The locally owned and operated retailer opened in Highland Park Village in 1941 and was the center’s second longest standing merchant.

    “ ‘We are saddened at the news of Cooter’s closing their doors and wish the Cooter family all the best in their future endeavors,’ says Stephen Summers, managing director and director of leasing of HP Village Partners, LP.

    “In a recent letter to Highland Park Village management, Kirk Cooter explained several reasons behind the family’s decision to close.”

    Yes, that’s how the statement ends. I guess we’ll have to call Kirk for a list of those reasons.

  • Carolyne

    The rent was too high for them and HPV wants to spit up the space to get more tenants in at the $125+ sq ft rate.

  • bought my first camera there in 1966…A Rollieflex…sorry to see this chapter end…

  • Sammy

    Sorry to show my ignorance, but the statement says they are the second oldest tenant. Who’s the oldest?

  • dennis beecherl

    DB iam sorry to see it close i bought my first nickon slr em model back in 1980 it was a great cammera and the people were very helpful the best cammera store ever.

  • joeat

    @Sammy, good question and I am not positive, but I bet it is Village Barbers. When I was growing up they were next door to where Mi Cocina kitchen is today.

  • Lv

    I’m anticipated to know what big names HPV will lease the space to. Prada? Celine? Lanvin?

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  • James A.

    Closing of Cooter’s Camera Village is an immeasurable loss for Americana.

  • B. J. Brow

    Kirk, today I first heard of your closing. Will you reopen at a new location?
    I have not seen you all for some time. Reason: Bad health over the past two years. I had to stop my photo interest so very few images anymore.
    Kirk please either email me or call me at 469-563-8814.
    Some of the best times of my life included visits with your dad & all of you.

    B. J. Brown

  • John Kendrick

    I worked for Mr. Cooter when he opwned the Valet parking lot under Sanger Bros. store. I was a valet parking attendant which served customers coming to Sammy’s Restaurant. He then purchased Cooter’s Camera in the building which housed Hunt Grocery. I worked for Hunt, too. So sad to see the Cooter family leave the Village – fond memories.

  • Richard West

    I just learned belatedly that Cooter’s Village Camera had closed. This is a great loss to Dallas, Highland Park Village, and all those in Dallas who take photography seriously. Walt Erikson from Cooter’s came to my house in 1961 and helped me set up my darkroom while I was a photographer for the Thomas Jefferson High School paper. I then was lucky enought to work at Cooter’s the summer of 1965 while I was in college. Al Cooter was a great boss. He stressed customer service above all else and wanted us to spend as much time as needed to solve a customer’s problem or explain a certain piece of equipment whether or not we made a sale. One time I inadvertently left the back door to the alley open and someone stole a slide projector from the storeroom in back. Mr. Cooter justifiably docked my pay ($225 per month) until the cost of the projector was paid for but then presented me with a check for the full amount. I will always remember Al, Walt, and Amy (my fellow student co-worker) fondly and wish the Cooter family nothing but the best.

  • Allen Rupard

    Kirk/Chris, man I really hate to hear about your closing. I thought the world of Al and Walt and you guys. I am in shock, you might say. Let me hear from you. Would like to stay in touch with you guys.

  • Caroline Mueller

    OH NO, you folks took our pictures for Canadian passports way back in 2001 and now we need them done again. Unfortunately they expired in 2011 and we wanted to come back to you. If we had come in 2011 in June, you would still have been open.. Any idea where we can go now?

  • Avid Reader

    @Caroline Mueller,

    The Google is like magic, should try it sometime.

  • I moved away from Texas in early 2011 and only now learned that Cooter’s closed a few months later. Like most who have posted here, I am deeply saddened by the loss. Kirk and Chris, if you still follow these comments, I wish you and your families the very best. To my father, Cooter’s was the only camera store that mattered. He introduced me to you in the late ’60’s when I was ready to purchase my first serious camera, a used Leica M3. I was a high school student, only sixteen years old and poor, but your father treated me like I was his most important customer. I was a bit short of the sales price so he set me up an account to pay off the balance as I was able. I don’t even believe he charged me interest. I left that day deeply attached, not to a camera store, but to your family. What I remember most about your father was the quiet, patient and undivided attention he gave me. When I entered the doors of Cooter’s Camera, I knew I would receive the utmost courtesy and respect, kindnesses motivated not by the prospect of a sale, but simply by sincerity and appreciation. Chris and Kirk, you honored that tradition. Best wishes!