Highland Park Village Starbucks Run by Grinch

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  • Parkie


  • Bert Chadick

    I’m going to bet the workers are college kids, home for the holidays, and needing money. That’s the way it works in small towns anyway.

  • mandy

    starbucks has a policy of allowing each store to decide if it will be open on holidays. if they get enough volunteers from their store or other stores then they will stay open. there actually is no law that says businesess have to give employees time off for holidays (religious or other).

  • Another Mother

    I have been to the Starbucks in HPV on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I asked the guys working how they felt about it and I was told that people beg to work in that store on the holidays because they are given OT pay and they get great tips. So the workers that are in the store that day are there because they want to be not because they have to!!

  • Avid Reader

    Overtime is a powerful draw sometimes….bet they get some un-grinchlike tips as well!

  • bw

    Many Starbucks that have a large Jewish customer base are open on Christmas.

  • CDO

    Let the workers who prefer to take “Christ” out of Christmas work on Christmas. Shouldn’t bother those folks, right?

  • Parkie

    I hope everyone will stay home that day and they don’t have any business! Can’t we have ONE day of peace for the year?

  • XT

    If the employees want to work, or the business owner wants to serve their customers, why should anyone care?

    Your version of “peace” (not having stores open) may conflict with their version of “peace” (having the ability to earn some additional much needed money).

    And Jewish/ Muslim/ Atheists never had the “Christ” in Christmas.

  • A little too hard on the manager I think. I know the manager at Starbucks HPV, and she is kind and compassionate, I imagine she made Christmas voluntary and gave employees a choice. We do live in a coffee mad city, between the customers begging for the store to be open, and the employees who chose to work for the extra hours, I imagine she had no problem with opening the store on Christmas Day.

  • jbw

    @ Parkie, there won’t be any peace in my house if I can’t go to Starbucks on Christmas morning. My family & I are grateful that I will have the opportunity to have my favorite caffeine fix from Starbucks. And @ Avid Reader, I do indeed tip quite generously.

  • Bibliomaniac

    Or you can get your coffee at McDonald’s:


  • Michael Thompson

    @bibliomaniac We’re not poor…

  • Santa

    Now Dan, I’ll have to check you as naughty for the comment. I’m leaving one less gift behind on the sleigh. Enjoy the season.

  • Local HP Resident

    Seriously? This Starbucks in Highland Park Village has to be the rudest coffee place. They ARE the Grinch! Always with the “tude” when you need something. Why is is so hard to have a back up container of Half and Half? Why must they act like it’s a crime when you stand there with an empty container and request it be filled?