Max’s Wine Dive, 6th Street-Uptown, And Hopdoddys Come To Town. Are The Park Cities The New Austin?

  • Parkie

    To answer your headline question, no. You can import the restaurants, but the Park Cities will never be Austin. We’re right-wing, conservative, Republican, devout, botoxed, well-coiffed, and kind of uptight. Austin is…not. God forbid anyone find a bat flying over their priority or a deer roaming around.

  • Z

    “Are The Park Cities The New Austin?”

    Is the answer supposed to be “No”? They sound like interesting spots, but none of the four places you mention is located within the bounds of either HP or UP.

  • Darren

    Until Uptown becomes part of the Park Cities, then no.

  • Chris

    You kidding, right? Park Cities equals generic. No risks taken inside this bubble.