Starpower To Acquire Kellum Audio Video & Appliance

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  • CollinBabs

    Well, business is business and I understand the market drivers here, but this makes me sad. I love the customer service at Kellum and the knowledgeable staff — where else can you call your salesperson, tell him/her what you want, they find it and counsel you on the features/pros/cons, you pay for it your way, and not set foot in the store unless you want to? Developing a long-term relationship with the staff is what keeps me going back. I hope that won’t change.

  • Lauren

    Well, great. We can kiss reasonable prices and customer services good bye, and be introduced to the Starpower way of urging you to spend more, more, more. The “luxury consumer” is not who shops at Kellum, at least not anymore.

  • DemBones

    I, too, am saddened. I was encouraged when they built the new store, thinking that all the good Dallas stuff wasn’t disappearing. I still miss HP Cafeteria and my 7-11 around there. The times, they are a changing.

    On the positive side, however, I hear that Charter Cable is opening an office in Snider Plaza, after several years of our having nowhere to go change out faulty equipment, and they have added the NFL channel.

  • CollinBabs

    I’m still sad. And I think I hear a kissing sound — as in the kiss of death to a great business. @Lauren – you’re right. The luxury consumer is not the typical Kellum customer.

    Those Starpower promos on The Ticket and other radio stations…UGH. They don’t sound luxury but instead sound cheesy – I envision guys in blue polos running around to demonstrate the hip new gadget/wiring/speaker or upsell to the latest a/v for my media room (which I don’t have).

    There won’t be layoffs but I bet there will be an increased level of attrition.

  • Carolyne

    My husband and I were in there on Labor Day and there prices were higher than the Modia…few hundred higher. We showed them our prices and they said they would match it.

  • Daniel Pidgeon

    My name is Daniel Pidgeon and am one of the owners of Starpower. I totally understand And appreciate the passion for the Kellum store. Be assured that we will work hard at maintaining all of the great experiences at Kellum while offering more. I live here and will do everything possible for our customers. If anyone ever has a concern or question, feel free to email me at [email protected]