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Downward Dog with the Dogs


Isabelle Calzaba, left, and Ariel Tolfree enjoy Puppy Yoga. (Photo: Lorelei Day)

Yoga isn’t just for humans anymore.

Maybe it stemmed from the many poses named after animals, such as the Downward-Facing Dog, Cow pose, or the One-Legged King Pigeon, but bringing live animals into the mix is proving to be a popular trend.

According to an article in, combining the healing effects of yoga with the stress-relieving addition of animal interaction can work wonders on overall well-being.

Dealing With Difficult Older Parents?


In his work providing psychological evaluations of geriatric patients, Dr. Paul Chafetz hears frequent complaints.

Every week, adult children tell the North Dallas psychologist some variation of, “My mom is driving me crazy; my dad’s impossible.”

Hurtful sarcasm, irrational demands, constant criticism, and underserved anger can take its toll on children, even adult children, Chafetz said.

Keep Halloween Fun


(Photo: Christy Rost)

I always feel like a kid as Halloween draws near, and I’m not alone, as evidenced by the faces of our guests during last year’s Halloween party.

Thirty adults arrived at our door dressed as pirates, ghouls, witches, Roman soldiers, and even a geisha, wearing expressions of sheer joy at the chance to step away from real life for a few hours. I confess, I was a bit surprised, but also delighted by their transformation into kids who hadn’t seen the inside of a classroom for decades.

For years, I’ve lined our driveway with lanterns on Halloween, swept away acorns that always seemed to drop en masse just before the holiday, illuminated the bushes along the sidewalk with tiny orange lights, draped cobwebs over the porch lights and front doorway, and placed a series of jack-o’-lanterns on the steps leading to the door.

Want To Look Younger?


“All of these hand creams leave your hands feeling not greasy but silky smooth, a huge plus.”

Dallas has some of the most beautiful women in the world. I applaud how well they take care of themselves to the point of looking 15-20 (or more) years younger than they are.

The advent of Botox, fillers, and other technological skin advances partially account for this; but not entirely. Good products also help.

A couple of friends of mine and I were recently discussing just this, and the guy in the trio said, “But do you know what people forget that tells your age?”

We both answered, “HANDS!”

We’re Going Downtown


“The vibe reminds me of the West End Marketplace in the 1980s.”

Have you been to the downtown Dallas Farmers Market lately?

The place has seen lots of change in the past few years. I follow the market’s social media and am even on its media list and somehow had no idea until very recently that the inside area (slightly confusingly named “The Market”) was so bumping with terrific shops and restaurants.

Since I wasn’t aware, I’m thinking maybe you aren’t either, so let’s get into the situation.

Make School-Night Meals Special


Extra touches keep dinner fun for everyone! "Read More" to get the recipe for this Southwestern Casserole. (Photo: Christy Rost)

Football games, ballet classes, soccer and track practices, parent-teacher nights. Back-to-school schedules are demanding not only for children, but for parents, too. Add family dinners to the mix, and it can be a real challenge for any household.

So what’s the secret to sitting down to delicious, nutritious meals now that summer’s relaxed schedules are history and the school year is underway?

An arsenal of quick, family-friendly recipes and a bit of flexibility can go a long way to solving the nightly dinner dilemma without resorting to fast-food drive-ins or pizza delivery three nights a week. Add a touch of creativity, and dinnertime can become a cherished family tradition.

End of Summer Shimmer


August means the wind down of summer. Even though it’s still in full swing, you are starting to think about school plans, fall events, wardrobes, etc. But it’s still summer, although now we have a little more vitamin D and color on our skin from the glorious sun.

This month always evokes thoughts of a bronze glow, metallics, and shimmer for me. One part of the summer that’s refreshing is wearing a lot less makeup and the ability to be a bit more natural. To get a “just back from Saint Tropez” radiant, glowing complexion, you don’t need much: bronzer, a breathtaking pink blush with gold flecks, and the perfect complement to both – a highlighter.

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice


(Courtesy Kate Weiser Chocolate)

With few vices left in my life, I can say with near certainty that you would have to forcibly pull that deep, dark chocolate from my fingers before I voluntarily give the stuff up. As vices go, it’s not the worst, so let’s take a few moments to celebrate this sweet confection.

If you aren’t an aficionado, you may not know that chocolate is serious business. Like coffee, it is cultivated, regional, and taken very, very seriously in certain circles.

I’ve had the chance to attend a few media events for the Dallas Chocolate Festival over the years and have learned a lot. The chocolate scene has its own vocabulary, evaluation procedures, and ratings system. In addition to the obvious qualities of taste and texture, there is origin, color, aroma, and presentation to consider.

August Re-entry


In a psychological study, 99 percent of people who were shown an abstract shape, which looked like a figure eight that didn’t close in the middle with an oblong neck on one end, said it resembled a guitar. But 1 percent saw something else.

One young boy said it resembled a horse. He added that from an airplane, it would sort of look like a fat old horse with its head bent down nibbling grass. Whoa. Now there’s some imagination.

Bored? Got the summer blahs? It is, after all, the dog days of summer. (Factoid: Dog days refers to ancient beliefs that the brightest star in the constellation of the Dog, Sirius, rose and set with the sun during July in the Northern Hemisphere, which must have added heat to the sun. There, so now you know.) Try a new perspective.