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Peddling For a Good Cause


31-state summer ride will fund MS research. (Courtesy photo)

Former north Texan Claire Dal Nogare, seeking a bicycle trip of a lifetime, found a new cause – one she’s still riding for six years later.

“I just wanted to ride across the country,” she said, explaining how she did a Google search in 2012 for “Bike the U.S.” and found the nonprofit Bike the US for MS.

Fight Aging With Collagen Products


It seems as you get older, the years fly by. It’s even hard to believe that we are already in 2018.

The thing I love about living during this current time, especially for beauty, is that “70 is the new 50” and “50 is the new 30.” We just keep getting better, and more youthful, with age.

Chocolate, Melting Hearts for Generations


Chocolate Valentine Cake with Chocolate Ganache. (Photo: Christy Rost)

A stroll through the seasonal aisle of any supermarket this time of year provides evidence of the enduring relationship between chocolate and Valentine’s Day.

Milk chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil, heart-shaped velvet boxes filled with handcrafted dark chocolate truffles, and packages of chocolates tied with ribbon — these are but a few of the mouthwatering choices offered to shoppers searching for the perfect sweet gift.

Today’s The Day To Choose Better


Did you make a New Year’s commitment to eat Whole30 or some other diet, to refrain from alcohol during “dry January,” or to go to the gym regularly, this year, starting now (really, this time, yes, for sure)?

How is that going for you?

If you are struggling, you’re not alone. Just look at the rush on juice bars and fitness businesses at the beginning of every new year and watch that customer graph line go doooooown as months continue.

Luscious Lips, Even in Winter


Meet the Cos Bar owner and staff during the grand-opening celebration from 4–7 p.m. Feb. 8. (Courtesy photo)

Whether glossy or matte, overlined, injected, luscious lips are the thing. What better month to discuss them than the month of amour.

Getting lips in shape during a cold winter where dry and cracked is the norm is not hard with a few special products.
I found many fabulous lip treatments at the new Cos Bar in The Plaza at Preston Center. The store is a beauty-product lover’s dream.

Workout Wonders


Instructor Virginia Altick demonstrates ‘Warrior Pose’ at Core Power Yoga studio. (Photo: Chirag Sainju)

Let’s be honest; you, me, and most Americans have already eased up on the slew of New Year’s resolutions we hungrily vowed mere weeks ago.

Don’t feel bad, research shows that close to 80 percent of resolutions made in the lull of holiday remorse fail – especially that list topper to go to the gym more.

Heart Health Month Reminders


Dr. Parag Joshi

February is the month of love, and the numbers show area residents could all do a lot better about loving their hearts.

According to the local American Heart Association office, those living in Dallas and the Park Cities need to eat healthier, get quality preventative care, and move more.

“We sit in cars on our way to desk jobs where we sit for most of the day,” Dr. Parag Joshi said.

Narrow New Year’s Resolutions to Just One Thing


I’ve got a novel way to run your resolution this year.

Over a coffee catch up a few days ago, a friend introduced me to the concept, a terrific idea which will really help hone in on a focus.

She said she narrows down a feeling, goal, or transformative property she wants in her life with JUST ONE WORD. And spends quality time finding the right word to embody that change she’d like to see.

Retired Doctor Finds Irony at Estate Sales


“No Reception,” serves as the cover image for What is Left Behind – Stories from Estate Sales by Norm Diamond. (Courtesy photo)

The silver frame held a photo commemorating a special occasion, once probably priceless to its proud owner, but since reduced to a green price dot asking for only $2.50.

The irony and poignancy of that image resonated with Norm Diamond, a retired interventional radiologist turned photographer. It is now the first photograph in the Dallas physician’s debut book, What is Left Behind – Stories from Estate Sales. The 112-page hardcover was published in 2017 by Daylight Books.