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Dallas Arboretum Debuts Year-Round Food Oasis


The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden will soon offer A Tasteful Place, an edible display garden complete with a newly developed lagoon and meandering walkways.

The 3.5-acre garden will also include a pavilion with event space and teaching kitchen, an orchard, beds of ornamental display vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as shaded porches and walkways.

Sharing God and Dog


Rev. William Miller and his dog, Nawiliwili Nelson, visit with their friend, Kevin Thornton, of Fort Worth. (Courtesy William Miller)

On a trip that will take them from the Abita Brewery near New Orleans to Mount View Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, Rev. Bill Miller and Nawiliwili Nelson are having one last “howlelujah.”

‘Wili,’ Miller’s 12-year-old terrier mix, is hoping to hit all his “barket” list items as his days on Earth are drawing to an end. Almost a year ago, the dog was diagnosed with cancer and has outlived his prognosis several times over.

“I remember the day he got sick,” Miller said. “I broke down and sobbed, because Wili and I have an unbelievable bond.”

Family-Style Leadership


Rick Pyle, director of public safety for Highland Park, holds Sgt. Zach Sitton’s daughter, Emily. (Courtesy Lance Koppa)

What’s a chief to do when a fussy baby on the front row interrupts his presentation to the Highland Park Town Council?

Rick Pyle, director of public safety, turned around and picked her up.

“It was just an impulse,” he said. “I thought I’d distract her for a second.”

Emily, the daughter of Sgt. Zach Sitton, reacted as if transferred to the arms of a familiar favorite relative. She quieted, at least for a little while. Soon she made her way to the arms of assistant director of public safety Paul Sandman while Pyle finished formalizing her father’s promotion.