HPDPS And CPS Investigate HP Mother Who Left Special-Needs Infant at Home, Alone, on Floor

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  • Neal

    Just what we need — another suspiciously dead baby in Highland Park.

    Watch this space.

  • Avid Reader

    Babies get heavier? You have to take them with you ALL the time? That is ridiculous.

  • DGirl

    The mother sounds like a nutjob. The dad sounds like a complete [expletive]. Why the heck did CP’S not immediately take the kids into custody? Who in their right mind leaves a 1-year-old alone?!?!

    Uh, and what about the open front door and shotgun laying around on the table. Sounds like the mother was hoping a burglar would come along while she was away and use the shotgun to conveniently murder the 1 year-old so she wouldn’t have to parent a special needs child. Maybe it was a set-up gone wrong? And what set off the burglar alarm?

    Just awful. And a very very very weird story. Hope the truth eventually prevails.

  • Jen

    This story makes me so sad.

  • i think thats terrible that child could have died and i hope in texas they proscute her to the fullist extent of the law.