Harlan Crow’s House is Filled With History

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  • Parkay

    This was a great event! The Park Cities really is fortunate to have the PCHPS and many citizens who are dedicated to preserving the history and architecture of the towns. I hate to see original Tudors torn down and I’m sure the 75 realtors in there feel differently because new Mediterranean homes with hand scraped floors or whatever trend happens to be today makes them a bunch of money. Margaret McDermott Cook is now everyone’s idol! Such a darling, spunky little lady.

  • Yes, I neglected to mention that 102-year-old Margaret McDermott, who’s lived in Highland Park since 1919, had a great line. As the luncheon’s honorary chair, she said she supports the Park Cities Historical and Preservation Society because, “Obviously, I am historical, and I obviously believe in preservation.”

  • We could have listened to Harlan Crow for hours. His dedication to preserving history and Americana is important to us all and our future. Mrs. McDermott had a sincere and important message. She was truly touched. It was wonderful!

  • Carmaleta Whiteley

    A fabulous luncheon listening to Harlen speak about his collection. The Crows have contributed so much to our city including the massive downtown projects. I was fortunate to work for Trammell Crow when he was building and shaping Dallas. Is is a pleasure to see Harlan caring for the city and preserving the old buildings. Mrs was McDermott was a delight adding her appreciation of preservation.

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  • Tex

    Thank you to Harlan Crow and all the homeowners for opening their homes for the tour. The tour was great, and I look forward to the tour next year.