Families Create Board Game to Celebrate Park Cities’ History

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  • Avid Reader

    Wonder if they had to get approval from Hasbro.

  • PCopoly

    As a committee member, permission was not necessary from Parker Brothers yet strict guidelines must be followed. The manufacturer has produced countless other Opoly games,including one from a vacation resort that has a team of lawyers. The manufacturer distributes “legal guidelines” with about 15 seemingly trivial things that must be different, such as straight lines vs curved lines. The more you customize the game, the easier it is to avoid infringement. PCopoly is highly customized so adhering to guidelines was not challenging for us. We are SO excited about the PCopoly because it was 8 months of hard work finally becoming a reality. We hope all enjoy it!!

  • Meg

    Where can I buy a copy?

  • How may I purchase a copy of Parkcitiesopoly.

  • To order a copy of “ParkcitiesOpoly” please send an email to [email protected] and you will receive an order form back. A quicker way is to send a check for $34.95 + $2.88 tax = $37.83 to “Parkcitiesopoly 3515 rosedale ave. Dallas, TX 75205. Make sure name/address/phone/email are listed. Games will be delivered to front porches unless otherwise specified.
    Thank you!
    Deanna Charles, PCopoly committee chair

  • Kristen

    Is there somewhere we can order this game? I would love to get one!

  • Bonnie

    @Kristen. See Deanna’s comment above yours.