Cullums Grew Tom Thumb Into Giant Among Dallas Grocers

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  • Gary Shanahan

    Hello, miss Bob Cullum, he was great to my mother Bernice, she started at T.T No. 1 on Loma Alto Store next to Luby’s and Skillerns Drug store. Mr. Vick was her boss in the Market and Mr. Potter, checker Ann Miller I can not remember if Tommy Harrison was the store manger, before he went up the corporate ladder. My mother’s name was Bernice Treager at that time. She worked for over 30 years with T.T also other T.T stores. She loved it there for she walked to work every day, from our Loma Alto home. I grew-up in that small shopping area and the Park across the street on Lemmon Ave. I loved those days as well. I worked for T.T No.5 on Preston Rd. while in High School at Highland Park High. Thak you for hearing me out, Gary Shanahan