April 22, 2014

  • Police Report: April 7 to April 13

    SKULDUGGERY OF THE WEEK: You’d Think This Purse Would be More Valuable

    Between 8:55 a.m. and 1:40 p.m. on April 8, a burglar broke into a house in the 4000 block of Bryn Mawr Drive and stole more than $35,000 worth of jewelry, including a $12,700 necklace; three wristwatches with a total value of $5,600; a $500 iPad; and a $40 purse.


    11 FRIDAY
    At 2 a.m., Jeffrey Alexander Gebara, 21, of Dallas was arrested in the 4600 block of Mockingbird Lane on a charge of driving while intoxicated.Between 1:30 and 3 p.m., a thief stole a Cannondale mountain bike, a Denon stereo receiver, a Milwaukee 18-volt battery and charger, and five bottles of wine from a detached garage in the4600 block of Mockingbird Lane. A landscaping crew was on the property at the time of the larceny.

    At noon, an employee of the Christian Louboutin store atHighland Park Village reported the theft of a $1,395 Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity purse sometime between April 4 and April 7. Read More…

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  • Perky Poodle Moves Near Love Field


    I realize this store isn’t technically in the Park Cities, but with a name like Perky Poodle, how could I resist blogging about this? After 38 years on Oak Lawn, Perky Poodle has just relocated to 4560 West Mockingbird Lane near Love Field.

    “Our business is both high touch and now high tech,” said Michael Pugh, Perky Poodle’s owner and operator in a press release. “From baths to show cuts, our groomers and bathers have close to a century of combined experience for grooming and bathing dogs and cats of all breeds.”

    Now I don’t know the last time you had your cat groomed, but I can tell you my parent’s cat Luna would not take kindly to being doused with water by just anyone. Has anyone been to Perky Poodle? Would they recommend it as a location for a spa day? I think that might be a good anniversary present for my parents. Nobody but Phoebe really wants to talk about a Smelly Cat, right?

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  • Please Think on These Things, If You Don’t Mind

    Columnist Len Bourland

    Columnist Len Bourland

    Most mornings, as I pedal going nowhere on the stationary bike at the Park Cities Y, I multitask. Glancing at two TV screens, watching the stock-market ticker and the guests of the morning talk shows, I also assemble my myriad newspapers and magazines and scan simultaneously. I cherry pick the articles that interest me over and above extreme weather and the shootings of the day. These feature stories can be as conflicting as they are informative and entertaining.

    Here’s what’s new: the mind, or focusing the mind in order to de-stress from the sort of multitasking I am doing. As usual, there is no consensus on how to do this, only a consensus that we should, ought to, must.

    Just as experts told us not to eat chocolate, coffee, coconuts, or butter – or drink alcohol – a couple of years ago, the experts have now told us coffee is good and can enhance students’ performance before exams, coconut milk is terrific, and butter is better for the heart than margarine.

    If you’ve cut out grapefruit, cheese, and bread, and feel deprived, not to worry. Just live a few more years, and some expert will tell you – after further study – that it’s beneficial if you’re not allergic. (Go ahead and indulge. I’m in a newspaper, which practically makes me an expert, and I love and eat them all.)

    But the body is not what’s trending right now, it’s this billion-dollar business of de-stressing our minds in the information age. There are a spate of books, workshops, and gurus on mindfulness: regaining sanity amidst the barrage of tweets, posts, clicks, texts, traffic, and the news. Reconnecting with self. For many, that equals meditation.

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  • Cops Bust Tipsy Teens at HP House Party

    A group of teenagers home alone on a Friday night — you know the rest.

    It happened about 11:30 p.m. on April 18, when Highland Park Department of Public Safety officers busted a party featuring several teenagers at a house in the 4500 block of Lorraine Avenue.

    Some fled on foot, but others refused orders to leave, and were escorted out. Police issued citations to four teens, at least three of which are athletes at Highland Park High School, for being minors in possession.

    One of the teens was spotted running in the 4700 block of Lomo Alto Drive, one was found in a nearby backyard, and another was discovered hiding in the attic. All three admitted to beer consumption after police got a whiff of their breath.

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  • April 19, 2014

  • Carlisle Visits Kids, Dads at Hyer


    Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was a guest of the Dads Club at Hyer Elementary on Tuesday.

    He probably had more pressing things on his mind — such as how in the world the Mavericks can beat the San Antonio Spurs in a first-round playoff series that begins Sunday — but Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle took time out from his busy week to visit the Hyer Dads Club on Tuesday.

    During the breakfast, Carlisle (a University Park resident, by the way) gave students a motivational speech and answered their questions. The Dads Club showed its appreciation by donating $500 to Carlisle’s charity of choice, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

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  • April 18, 2014

  • Age Doesn’t Slow Down Local Athletes

    Paul Ellis, left, and Ken Raggio are both fast enough to put most of us to shame.

    Paul Ellis, left, and Ken Raggio are both fast enough to put most of us to shame.

    Age isn’t slowing down two Park Cities residents who sprinted to gold medals this month at the Texas Senior Olympics in San Antonio.

    University Park attorney Ken Raggio won the 400 meters in the men’s 65-69 age group. He also was the runner-up in the 800 meters and placed third in the 1,500. Hand surgeon Paul Ellis was second in the 200 meters in the men’s 60-64 age group.

    Both men qualified for the 2015 National Senior Olympics in Minneapolis, which will include about 13,000 athletes 50 and over competing in 18 sports.

    It will be Raggio’s fifth appearance at the national meet, having medaled in three different events in the past.

    “All of us need goals to motivate us to exercise and try to stay fit,” he said. “Now we have an incentive stretching into next year.”

    Meanwhile, Ellis has been training with his daughter Becka, who is a former track standout at Highland Park High School.

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  • Future is Bright For Lady Scots

    Seniors Ginna Klein, Grace Shike, and Virginia Smith will be honored during a pre-game ceremony tonight (Photo: Barry Bowden)

    HP softball seniors Ginna Klein, Grace Shike, and Virginia Smith will be honored tonight (Photo: Barry Bowden)

    At it turns 20 years old, the Highland Park High School softball program is finally growing up.

    Just four years removed from having only 10 players in the program, the Lady Scots have enjoyed the best season in their history this spring.

    And even if it doesn’t end with HP reaching the playoffs following tonight’s season finale against Carrollton Newman Smith, there are signs to suggest that the future is bright for a team that has long been considered an afterthought.

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  • Trustees Expecting a Crowd Monday?

    The Highland Park ISD Board of Trustees has scheduled another workshop regarding the district’s master facilities plan, i.e. “where the heck are we gonna put all these kids?” Usually, such meetings happen in the board room at the Administration Building, which comfortably holds the trustees and only a few other people. But this one, which is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. on Monday, will happen in the 5/6 Assembly Room at McCulloch Intermediate School.

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  • April 17, 2014

  • We Could Use a Famous Guest Editor

    HP-News copy

    Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan guest edited this week’s edition of the Highland Park News, a paper covering his hometown in suburban Chicago. This sounds like a great idea. Which celebrity with Park Cities ties wants to take over here for a few weeks so Todd and I can recharge our batteries?

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  • Destination Imagination Team Bound For Globals

    Back row: Max Law, Jack Perdue, and Mark Van Kirk; front row: Sarah Ho, Maddy Helton, and Allison Brown

    Back row: Max Law, Jack Perdue, and Mark Van Kirk; front row: Sarah Ho, Maddy Helton, and Allison Brown

    “Creativity to the Power of 6,” a Destination Imagination comprised of five fifth-graders from McCulloch Intermediate School and a sixth from Cistercian, competed at the state tournament last week in Austin, and they did well enough to advance to the Destination Imagination Global Finals. In late May, the team will travel to Knoxville, Tenn., where more than 1,300 teams from 45 states, seven Canadian provinces, and 13 other countries will gather to showcase their creative solutions.

    The team members, who have been together since third grade at University Park Elementary, have been working on their challenge solution for most of the school year. They chose the scientific challenge — “Going to Extremes” — in which teams were asked to create an extreme environment and present a story about characters attempting to adapt to conditions in order to survive there. They were also asked to design and create a prototype of “extreme gear” and to explain the technical methods, research, and science they used to create it. In addition, the team also had to solve an unknown challenge on the spot.

    Competitors are required to do all aspects of the challenges by themselves with a tight budget and without interference from adults and non-team members.

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