Henry S. Miller Set the Scene

  • Flippen Prather

    No doubt Henry S. Miller was a successful businessman who made great contributions to Dallas’ business community. And the Village undoubtedly changed after the Millers took ownership.

    But the article’s characterization of the pre-Miller Village is simply false. It certainly was NOT “in a state of disorder.” The grounds did NOT “look shabby,” and there was a nice MIX of tenants, which I, for one, recall fondly.

    I suspect a lot of folks would prefer the low-key, less ultra-high-end Village of the 1960s and 70s to the Rodeo Drive glitz of today’s Village.

  • HPer

    @Flippen Prather – I agree with you completely and had the exact same reaction when I first read the article. Back then, we did all of our family shopping at the Village – from clothes to food to sporting goods to school supplies. Not anymore. The article is revisionist history.

  • Neal

    Advertorial content should be identified as such.