HPISD, Town Leaders Discuss Revised Design for Bradfield Elementary School

This drawing by Stantec architect Jonathan Aldis incorporates some of the changes, which emerged from a peer review of the Bradfield Elementary School design.

A proposed redesign for Bradfield Elementary School, developed during a peer review process with a classical architect from Houston, would cost an additional $754,000 to build, according to Highland Park ISD. That’s $354,000 more than district leaders are willing to spend.

Instead, the district will seek approval for design changes costing $399,000 more. The plan keeps a much-discussed colonnade in front of the entry courtyard and forgoes changes to a tower, but modifies window designs throughout the school and incorporates quatrefoils and more brick into the design.

“I’m very concerned by the colonnade,” Highland Park Town Council member David Dowler said. “I think it interrupts the eye. I just don’t get it.”

District leaders explained they see the colonnade as a helpful structure to students and parents, providing a place to get out of the sun or weather during drop off and pick up times.

The proposed changes go to the Town Council for approval next week along with a proposal to waive $200,000 in building permitting fees for the project. The council has already approved a site plan and planned development zoning for the site.

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