HPDPS Warns of Scammer Pretending To Be an Officer

Highland Park Department of Safety (HPDPS) learned Wednesday of a phone scam where the caller posed as a Highland Park police officer and demanded payment on a warrant for failing to appear for jury duty.

According to recipients of the phone scam, the caller stated he was with, “Highland Park Police Department” located at “4700 Drexel Drive.”

The intended victims stated that the scammer sounded legitimate but when pressed for specific information about the warrant became vague, evasive, and increasingly irritated.

Additional details of the scam include:

(1) claims of an urgent police matter that must be resolved today,

(2) claims that the intended victim would be arrested immediately for non-payment,

(3) the use of formal-sounding jargon to sell the hoax.

HPDPS is advising the community to be mindful of this version of an impersonation phone scam.

An additional component of this type of scam is the method of payment: the caller will demand payment from a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. These are red flags.

Should you receive a scam phone call similar to the above scenario, one where the caller falsely claims to be with “Highland Park Police Department,” do not provide the caller with any personal information, and contact dispatch at 214-521-5000.

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