Woodhaven Country Club Estates Homeowners Shocked By Style Network’s Big Rich Texas

Style Network’s absurd notion that Woodhaven Country Club in Fort Worth is the hotspot for Dallas socialites has Texans shaking their heads. But this morning I heard from a woman who lives in Woodhaven Country Club Estates and she said neighbors are laughing more than outsiders.

I read your story about the show Big Rich Texas. I don’t belong to the club but I’ve lived about a half mile from it for over 25 years. When the show came on I looked on the internet because I didn’t believe this was filmed down the street. I called my friend that is a member and she wasn’t watching the show so I told her to turn it on and she didn’t think they were talking about our Woodhaven either. When I convinced her we had a good long laugh. It’s not a bad place at all but even the people that belong there don’t think of it as a glamorous place. My friend said she’s going to get boa feathers and fancy shoes to sit by the pool.

Another reader, a Park Cities resident, said her parents belong to Woodhaven Country Club and while it’s a comfortable place for them to visit with friends in their neighborhood, they could not imagine why anyone from Dallas would travel for the facilities.

Anyway, if you liked the banquet hall where the episode 1 fight went down, the venue is open to non-member events like weddings.

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  • Steve

    XT, may i judge you on being bothered that someone brought up a year old thread? What’s wrong with that, what’s your problem with it? Strange!!!!!!!!!

  • XT

    Things like that don’t bother me, it amused me, was having fun with it. My response certainly bothered you, though.

  • Avid Reader

    It was strange that they commented on such an old post.

  • LeahG cartoonist

    As a Britt, I have only just come across this series and seem to have seen series 3 at same time as watching series 1. I am always disappointed when I learn how scripted these shows are, it takes some of the ‘OMG where do they find these people?” out of it :( Lol

    I was though delighted to read a comment above that states that Bonnke and Pam are friends in real life as I felt I was picking up on that bogus storyline. Their hating relationship seemed TOOOOOO ridiculous to be true so I figured they’re mates and ramping it up.

    As for the types of characters portrayed in these shows, in the UK we mostly feel sorry for them as they seem so shallow. There’s more to life than money and handbags at dawn. But I guess they have to be content to know that and the scripted females are not content. Although Bonnie is which is why her character is more popular.

    I wish we had a real glimpse into their lives, not the scripted version but then I doubt that’d be as much fun.

  • http://n/a charlotte wingfield

    I am a shocked English woman with European Aristocratic history. How can you possible allow this to be public ?
    I did consider coming to your ‘town’ however now all I see is ghastly fighting.
    My husband is from a 400yr olf lineage and I wanted to show him how the US was actually a good place. Now this only show me how much my British European roots were lost.
    I am quite frankly appalled how women / men with money conduct themselves. Do they not have any education ?

  • salamander

    Hi i just need to be judged for commenting on an ancient thread by someone in Texas. We all know Black Gold is more accurate in showing our Texas attitude.

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