Has Anyone Seen An Errant Valet-Parking Sign?

It looks like a group of young pranksters got an early start this year.

At around 8 p.m. on the eve of April Fools’ Day, a valet attendant at Highland Park Village saw a group of six young people exit Patrizio’s and open the rear hatch of the party’s blue Range Rover before exiting the lot. It wasn’t until the SUV had left, however, that the attendant realized that a $500 48-inch valet sign was missing. He had placed the sign on the curb just minutes before the group arrived.

I have a sneaky sneaking suspicion that this sign now marks the territory of a clubhouse, bedroom, or garage somewhere in the Park Cities.

By Michelle Saunders Apr. 3, 2013 | 1:32 pm | 5 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Z

    The term is “sneaking” suspicion.

  • Hpdad

    Should be easy to find, surely there aren’t many young people driving Land Rovers…oh…wait, nevermind. I was thinking of all other cities in the state…my bad.

  • FBI

    Check the receipts to see who siged out near that time. The list should be narrow. Use the Dallas County Appraisal receipts to discover where the vehicle might be parked. Make some phone calls. Do some drive by work. Now, I have to get back to the high school to get back to that note dropper.

  • Ray

    @Hpdad: You can pick up a nice pre-owned Range Rover under 30k and in some cases cheaper than 16k which is about the cost of a new Ford car. A lot of luxury vehicles suffer when it comes to depreciation. Anyhow, just because we see kids cursing around in a luxury vehicle, doesn’t mean their parents spent a fortune, it could possibly be a used vehicle or hand-me-down.

  • Hpdad

    @ray. I know just trying to make a funny

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