The Plaza at Preston Center Adds New Tenants

There’s a lot happening this spring at The Plaza at Preston Center:

As we previously reported, Russian fashion designer and SMU student Kira Plastinina will open her U.S. flagship store, LUBLU Kira Platinina, this June.

Aftershock London‘s U.S. flagship store will also make its debut at the Plaza. The British fashion retailer will open May 9.

Dallas jewelry designer Matthew Trent returns to his roots in his recently renovated space.

True Food Kitchen will dish out healthy, locally grown menu items by the end of summer. The location will be the first in Texas.

On April 11, Calypso St. Barth combined two stores. The brand now houses both its women’s wear and home accessories under one roof.

Bag’n Baggage relocated to the Plaza this month after closing its Inwood Village store at the end of January.

Finally, Sprinkles Ice Cream will serve cold treats this June in spot adjacent to its cupcake counterpart. The Plaza location will be the third in the country. And alas, the cupcake ATM will finally make its way to Sprinkles.

Whew. Did I miss anything?

By Caitlin Adams Apr. 17, 2013 | 9:00 am | 6 Comments | Comments RSS
  • A. B.

    You missed a story in the WSJ today about the declining cupcake fad. Good thing Sprinkles is branching out into ice cream, although judging by the inexplicable line out the door for cupcakes every afternoon they don’t seem to have much to worry about.!1FB020D4-B7E2-47E6-ABB7-018C7304C788

  • wondering

    Just like frozen yogurt (round 1) and bagels, cupcakes too are bound to pass. Coffee seems to have staying power.

  • XT

    Did Bagels “pass”?

  • Caitlin Adams

    You three bring up an interesting story idea about food fads. Personally, I am still on the frozen yogurt, bagel, AND cupcake train. Not sure what that says about me!

  • Avid Reader

    Frozen Yogurt had a great run during the late ’80s early ’90s (anyone remember Penguins?). Don’t understand the cupcake thing, but good for them. If only we could get a place that serves all the fads; Bank-Taco-Sprinkles-Chain-‘Bucks.

  • wondering

    You can still find bagels everywhere, but there seem to be few dedicated bagel shops (Einsteins) – during bagels’ heyday of the mid-90s, they were everywhere.

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