University Park’s Leigh Bailey Enters 108 Field as Democrat

A field crowded with Republican men has its first Democrat and its first woman: University Park resident Leigh Bailey.

Bailey said she was moved to run for House District 108 by this year’s Legislative session and subsequent special sessions.

“I, along with many other Texas women, became outraged by the blatant attacks on women’s access to basic health care,” she said. “I was inspired by the men and women in the Legislature that stood up for all Texas families. It became clear to me that to stop these types of attacks, more women are needed in office.”

Leigh Bailey and Vincent Carrizales with their daughter, Sophie

Leigh Bailey and Vincent Carrizales with their daughter, Sophia (Photo: Aaron Strinko)

Bailey, 34, said she recently underwent candidate training via Annie’s List, an organization that recruits and supports women candidates across the state. She sent paperwork to the Texas Ethics Commission this week that lists Lake Highlands attorney Angeline Bain as her campaign treasurer.

“I’m working for Leigh’s election to the Texas House because she is passionate about protecting individual liberties while making moral fiscal decisions for the state of Texas,” Bain said. “Leigh is energetic, enthusiastic, and smart. She will work hard for her constituents.”

The daughter of restaurateur Ed Bailey and Lee Bailey is an attorney herself. She earned a law degree from SMU after getting her bachelor’s degree there. But the Hockaday graduate recently resigned from her position as associate general counsel at Applebee’s so she can focus on her campaign and family. She and her husband — Vincent Carrizales, a Jesuit graduate and attorney — have a 1-year-old daughter, Sophia.

In an email to potential supporters, Bailey said she would be running on a fiscally conservative platform. When asked by People Newspapers in what ways she leans to the left, she cited “equality, specifically marriage equality, and women’s access to basic health care.”

District 108 is up for grabs because University Park Republican Dan Branch, who has represented it for a decade, is stepping down. Three Republicans have expressed interest in replacing him.

University Park resident Morgan Meyer, 38, officially announced his candidacy on the same day that Branch formally began running for attorney general; Meyer has scheduled a campaign kickoff party for Sept. 7.

M Streets resident Chart Westcott, 28, has already amassed more than $700,000 in donations, but he’s made no formal announcement. The same goes for Devonshire resident Court Alley, 33, who reported about $17,000 in contributions.

District 108 includes the Park Cities, Bluffview, Devonshire, Greenway Parks, and a portion of Preston Hollow. Although President Obama earned 57 percent of the vote in Dallas County last year, Mitt Romney won every precinct in Preston Hollow and the Park Cities.

But all of that red doesn’t give Bailey the blues.

“Growing up as the daughter of a self-made businessman, I was raised in a pro-business household,” she said. “I will fight for fiscal responsibility in the state of Texas and stand up for Park Cities families. I will run a smart and professional campaign with the support of Texas women and the men that care about them.”

The filing period to get on the ballot for the 2014 primaries is Nov. 9 through Dec. 9.

By Dan Koller Aug. 30, 2013 | 11:40 am | 13 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Aaron Thomas

    What a joke, the Republican nominee can head to the Bahamas after the primary. Dan Branch drew the gayberhood and other areas a Demo would need to even have a ghost of a chance. This seat will stay Republican by a wide margin, even if this gal does get Lisa Blues dirty money.

  • Josh Ellis

    Finally, someone in District 108 I can support.

  • DemBones

    @Aaron. Having choices at the polls is not a joke; it is democracy. Even if you are correct that Ms. Bailey cannot win, I appreciate having an alternative in the general election to the party of Rick Perry. She can bring attention to issues other than just who is a friend of Jerry Brown or who is willing to pray for the cameras.

  • anon

    Totally agree w/@DemBones about having choices. I like choices.

    However, if Ms. Bailey is the democrat nominee (she does have to get through a primary first), I don’t take it for granted that a Democrat can’t win. Almost everyone here is fiscally conservative, but have huge compassion for those less fortunate. If she is nominated, and runs a very, very smart, hard campaign, she can certainly challenge a Republican nominee and possibly win.

  • T-Bone

    Another Liberal Democrat making promises she won’t keep “if” elected. People in the Park Cities (with the few exceptions on here who’ll undoubtedly post & pontificate the standard bullsh*t anti-conservative, anti-god, anti-American, anti-gun, anti-work ethic, pro-abortion democrat propaganda). She’s saying she is the child of a pro-business father. BIG DEAL. We’d most likely vote for your father before we vote for you………..Because he worked, took risk and made his own money while you enjoy the unearned fruits of his labor and are a democrat. If her father had done a good job, he’d have raised a daughter with conservative principles and a solid value base…..not some feminist who decided to quit her job and run for office because some insulted her vagina.

  • Aaron Thomas

    anon obviously has not seen a set of election returns for HD 108. Not a single Democrat has carried the district for ANYTHING. It is even more Republican now than it was three years ago. And with that crook Craig Watkins and mistress political mistress Lisa Blue being a big issue for local Democrats next year, the GOP will once again dominate in central Dallas.

  • DemBones

    @T-Bone. Based on this comment and your other about the “dark skinned trooper” escorting the Texas Tech team, you must be pleased that the Republicans running in District 108 are all white males. However, I doubt any of them agree with you that Ms. Bailey must not have been raised right because she became a Democrat, or that those who would vote for her must be anti-god, anti-American, and anti-work ethic.

  • James Tucker

    I agree that having democrats run for elected office is a great idea. I would like to see if they have any other platform this year besides infanticide and protecting voter fraud.

  • asmith

    Aaron I think Obama won the old 108 in 2008. I agree with you that with Oak Lawn, the more liberal parts of lakewood pretty much taken out, and with more of Preston Hollow added in this is a pretty red district. Reddest district in Dallas outside of HD112. Craig Watkins will get re-elected and the Dems will sweep the county again with upticket help from Wendy Davis and the blueing of every part of the county outside of Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lake Highlands, and Coppell.

  • Robert

    Please describe the “blatant attacks on women’s access to —->> basic health care <<— ”

    Is 3rd trimester partial birth abortion basic health care? Does abortion make you healthier?

    I think not.

  • Scott

    Typical rabid right-wing attack dog psychology in these comments. The greatest threat to American democracy today is the militantly repressive policies of these gun-toting pseudo-Christian cryptofascist jackasses with their anti-intellectual, anti-female, anti-American bias. There is no “voter fraud,” and self-medicating middle aged White males have no intrinsic right to dictate to women or anyone else what they should be allowed to do with their own bodies. Vote Democrat and stand up for the Real America!

  • NFW

    Wow, Scott! Perhaps you should take a page from the “self-medicating middle aged white males” and take some meds of your own.

  • LostLogic

    Let’s get to issues, securing the border, funding to support and resolve the issue of immigrant children that are now in the US holding centers, funding for healthcare programs, improvement of public school systems, funding for higher education and the local police departments going mad.
    What does she mean by “basic healthcare”? Under the Affordable Care Act all are required to medical coverage, and preventive healthcare is covered at low to no cost by the majority of plans.
    The Supreme Court ruled all marriages/domestic unions must be recognized equally by all states, if you are hoping to get gay “marriage” passed in Texas, you better figure out how you are going to appease the Bible belt, and Catholic populace when you redefine a word in their bible . You’re going to have better luck posting images of Mohammed face.

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