Arrests Announced in Driveway Robbery

Ampi Jones and Charles Hunt

Ampi Jones and Charles Hunt

Back on Christmas Eve, we brought you the story of the University Park couple who were robbed at gunpoint in their driveway. Last month, when Dallas police announced the arrests of a man and a woman in a string of driveway robberies, we wondered if the couple might be linked to crimes in the Park Cities.

Turns out, we were half right.

This afternoon, University Park police announced the arrests of Ampi Jones and Charles Hunt in the Dec. 20 incident. Hunt was the man arrested by Dallas police in February, along with a woman named Santana Andrews. But detectives identified Jones from a video that showed her using a credit card stolen from the University Park couple. According to police, she admitted to supplying Hunt with the gun used in that robbery.

Both suspects have been charged with aggravated robbery.

By Dan Koller Mar. 18, 2014 | 3:39 pm | 4 Comments | Comments RSS
  • HP75

    Look at the mug shots! If these people were a couple I’d compare them to the Dragon and Donkey in Shrek.

  • Disney fan

    Isn’t that Ariel from The Little Mermaid?

  • Neal

    She stole my wig!

  • Susan S

    They didn’t happen to have my green Specialized bike with them, did they? It went “missing” from my garage several weeks ago.

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