It’s True: New York Sub is Closing

Oh, Ken. We thought we had more time. (Staff photo: Monica Lake)

Oh, Ken. We thought we had more time. (Staff photo: Monica Lake)

This just makes us sad. New York Sub, which just celebrated its 40th anniversary in February, will be closing soon.

We saw it first via Twitter, and have just confirmed with the shop. We’ll get you more details (such as closing date) as we get them. But for now, we’re just dreaming of turkey and cheese subs, with a single, glistening tear on our collective cheek. I, for one, know that finals week at SMU will never be the same with this void on Asbury Avenue.

UPDATE (10:47 A.M.):
Owner Ken Harkness tells us that Project Pie — which is featured in our upcoming, September issue — will be the new tenant on Asbury Avenue.

“When the word went out this place was for lease, we were inundated,” he said. “It’s the first time in more than 40 years it’s come up for lease, and Project Pie is a pretty cool concept.”

Harkness slowly started getting the word out about his retirement from the restaurant industry a few weeks ago — after all, he serves many third-and-fourth-generation customers. But he must vacate as of Oct. 1. Is this the end?

“If somebody wanted to resurrect this, I’d be happy to sell them the name and mentor them,” he said.

By Sarah Bennett Aug. 18, 2014 | 10:25 am | 3 Comments | Comments RSS
  • NYSubLover

    Probably one of the best sub sandwiches in town (along with Great American Hero). Irreplaceable and heads above subway and firehouse subs. Thank you for all the years of making great food!

  • HPHSmom

    They were a godsend whenever we needed to feed the football teams, volleyball teams and teachers. We will definitely miss them!

  • Frisco home inspector

    Sorry to see NY Sub close; this was a great place to get a delicious and quick lunch. Good food and customer service — it will be hard to replace.

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