Carpenter To Walk On at Missouri

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  • Anonymous

    The title of this article should be “Colby Carpenter to play Quarterback at Mizzou starting in January.”

  • wondering

    @ Anonymous – can you please explain the difference?

  • I think the original title was correct. The chances of a “preferred walk-on,” who only attempted 25 passes in a back-up role on his high school team, of actually playing quarterback in a Big 12 game are infinitesimally low especially when Mizzou already has seven (7) quarterbacks on their roster this year- four of which are freshmen. This year’s starter is a junior and the 2 back-ups are freshmen. Good luck.

  • MGBHStar

    @Walk Off – last time I checked, Mizzou had moved to the SEC.

  • CDO

    SEC, not Big 12. And give the kid a break.

  • GBC

    Seriously @walkoff, give the kid a break. Thats a huge accomplishment. All preferred walk on means is that hes not on scholarship. It means hes already on the team. People these days.

  • Star and CDO, you are both right (SEC) and I was wrong (Big 12). The chances of a walkon playing quarterback against Alabama and LSU are much better than playing against OU and Texas.

  • Luke Woodley- A&M

  • Lax

    How about we see an article about the lacrosse players RECEIVING SCHOLARSHIPS to play at D1 schools (including Harvard) not backup backup qbs walking on at mizzou…

  • Cynthia

    @Lax It would be AMAZING if an HP kid got a lacrosse scholarship to play at Harvard but since the Ivy League has a locked down tight contract with each other for none of them to offer any scholarships other than those based on pure financial need, it seems a little unlikely.

  • hp parent

    @Lax – Lots of great kids out there getting that kind of attention. I have heard of one junior boy LAX player going to Harvard – s eems kind of early to ahve that committment but maybe he is THAT good. Hayward twins are supposedly going to play soccer at Harvard, Matt Fraschilla is supposedely going to Harvard for basketball. Coyle and Romo are going to start in a remake of The Longest Yard.

  • Avid Reader

    Current HP Alum playing on Lax scholarship at Dartmouth.